By: DeAjai Dawkins

5’11 2027 Ellie Oliver showcases a game that I believe could quickly adjust to high school in a year’s time. The rising 8th grader makes great use of her strength when attacking off the bounce.

5’7 2027 Amaya Barnes has been impressive in Skill Session 2. Showing an advanced handle for a rising 8th grader, fluid midrange pull up, and capable of taking defenders to the rim off the dribble.

5’4 2026 Isabella Davis should provide her high school some reliable spot-up shooting. Already showing nice mechanics on her release, doesn’t necessarily confine herself to production behind the arc.

6’3 2026 Camille Nesmith wastes 0 time displaying the two way value that compliments her elite positional length. Nesmith is vocal defensively, commands the ball in the low-post, and makes great use of her length contesting shots off of switches.

5’9 2027 Sutton Eldredge brings a mature presence to this group with solid positional length as a developing G/W. Vocal on defense, comfortable shooting from the perimeter.

5’3 2028 Taelor Sutton is looking very advanced as the lead guard spot, for a rising 7th grader especially. Sutton is confident getting downhill, and plays with strength in a frame that makes her appear taller than 5’3.

5’6 2027 Cailyn Taylor is a combo guard with confidence and the willingness to shoot. Comfortable pulling up off the dribble or in catch and shoot situations. Making a purpose to get into the lane a bit.

6’0 2028 Senaria Hillman is so active on the glass this afternoon. Still so young, Hillman could contribute amongst high schoolers. Makes great use strength on the interior. Creating a ton of second chance opportunities for her team.

5’3 2028 Aaliviah Green is an impressive young guard that gets downhill well. Makes use of her ball handling abilities while showing an ability to defend on-ball as well. Could see her as a legitimate 1 entering HS.

5’11 2026 Josie Bisping is a strong interior prospect that creates opportunities for her team through rebounding, put backs and screens. Valuable asset as her team’s tallest player, against a team with a very talented frontcourt.

Loving the confidence of 5’3 2029 Reagan Ferguson. Has shown an ability to impact the game from behind the arc, as well as the midrange. Defense looks solid as well. Very possibly the youngest player in this contest.

5’9 2026 Addie Delaney has been active in today’s contest, consistently fighting for rebounds and using her height to an advantage in the interior. Could really add value as her coach sees fit in her freshman season.

5’6 2026 Kennedie Cooper has been one of the most talented players I’ve seen today. Useful on both ends with end to end speed that catches lackluster defenses off guard. Perimeter shooter as well. Instant varsity contributor.

5’1 2028 Jai’Lynn Wilcox is a composed scoring guard that shows characteristics could allow her to assume a role as a lead guard. Engaged attitude on the floor with a willingness to defend on-ball.

Love how 4’6 2028 Charleigh Battle competes. She’s understands her value as a perimeter shooter and is not hesitant to shoot when given the opportunity. Can see her level of care in her body language.

5’10 2026 Ayana Tabb has to be one of the most intentional rebounders I’ve watched today. Absolutely makes a purpose to get on the glass and see her team reaping the benefits of her hard work.

5’7 2027 Skylar Walden embodies a perimeter shooter who even makes their misses look good. Walden is a prepared catch and shooter with a high arcing quick release. Advanced amongst this group.

5’4 2027 Izabela Wiles is a pass-first guard with a clean spot up jumper. Wiles possesses the rare, valuable desire to involve her teammates before seeking out her own points. Love to see natural distributors like this.

Another very impressive wing player I’ve watched today is 5’7 2027 Kaliyah Burden. Burden has excellent conditioning and is capable of playing long stretches for her team. High motor player that seems to hover the ball on both ends.

5’7 2026 Hannah Moss showed a quick release on her jumpshot today, along with the willingness to provide her team perimeter scoring when needed. Not one to force the issue, rather let shots come to her.

5’5 2027 Heaven Bailey has a smooth, quick release on her jumper that she pulled with confidence throughout the day. Another player I believe will translate to the high school game well in due time.