Every year July allows players to break out ' Players who have all the tools, who have the size, the touch, the explosion, the skill set to play at a high level, but for whatever reason have been late bloomers or fallen under the proverbial radar. Phenom's Summer Havoc LIVE is notorious for these Summer Blow Ups as it has been the stage where the likes of Aaron Nesmith picked up 20 offers and who can forget when Murray State Head Coach Matt McMahan got his first viewing of Ja Morant and subsequently offered the 2019 #2 pick in the NBA Draft at Phenom's Summer Havoc.

Every year there are storylines of breakouts and players who seemingly come from nowhere. The 2019 version of Phenom's Summer Havoc is no different. Here are some players we can see the wheels turning when High Major coaches sit down and think about their future potential …

6'10' 2020 Kuluel Mading
New Light Disciples
Offers: Western Carolina

Mading has all the natural tools, with incredible length and track like speed. He will knock down a 3, put the ball on the floor and protect the rim at a high rate. Recently Mading made it out to the esteemed Deng Camp in Dallas, Texas where he walked away as the camp's leading shot blocker as well as 1st Team All Camp. As the strength continues to come, Mading will continue to improve. As a 6'10 rim protector with range and runs like a track star, that can play immediately. Anything else is the icing on the cake.

6'5' 2020 Ahmil Flowers
Greensboro Warriors
Offers: Hofstra, Elon, Presbyterian, Western Carolina, UNC Asheville, Radford

Coming into April, Flowers didn't have any D1s talking with him or recruiting him. Since his performance at Phenom's Challenge LIVE, he has picked up 6 offers and had the likes of Marquette, East Carolina, Wake Forest, Cincinnati and others coming in hard. This makes sense for Flowers, along with having a strong/projectable frame he also stands at a lengthy 6'5' with athleticism and range. Flowers is a pure scorer, he has deep range, the ability to create off the bounce and the athleticism to put it on your head at the rim. People have mentioned his archetype similar to Romeo Langford, but rest assured, Flowers is on who will have the high major checking their booklets on the baseline.

7' 2020 Jonas Aidoo
NC Red Storm
Offers: NA

It is astonishing that Aidoo is still sitting on no offers, but here we are. Aidoo is a true 7 footer, but he is young for his grade, barely having hair on his legs at this point. What really stands out about Aidoo is his dead-eye 3-point range (a 40% shooter) and his ability to protect the rim (finished top 5 in NC in blocked shots last year). The upside is clear, and being a year or so away we can see schools all over the board loving Aidoo, especially those schools who aren't afraid to trust their own eyes and look into what a player will be once he gets on campus (opposed to what they are now). Without a doubt Aidoo will be good in college, it is just a matter of what level will jump in on him, rest assured, he will find success in college.

6'1' 2020 Jajuan Carr'
WBC Elite
Offers: East Carolina, Rider

Carr is the 10th rated player in North Carolina's 2020 class overall, and the number 2 point guard. He measured with a 44' vertical at the NC Top 80 Combine. Last season he was District Player of the year and AP All-State when he averaged 20 points, 6 boards and 6 assists per game. Carr has excellent vision with the ability and pace to touch the paint at will and then make the right read, be it pass, shoot or dunk it on your head. He shoots the ball well and has the ability to take over a game. The likes of Iowa State, Wake Forest, and Houston are watching closely, and with good reason.

Naturally, with the limited viewing abilities the NCAA has provided these college coaches, much of their time will be spent watching the 2020 class. However, this even is pretty loaded with younger players who college coaches should be watching.

6'11' 2022 Patrick Wessler
CC Elite 2021-2022

Wessler is a throwback type of big. He has major size with great length, but his ability to score the ball at every level is what jumps off the page. The lefty has great touch, with very passer friendly hands and the ability to finish on the block. He can step out to 3 for pick/pop or trail big type situations. He can also put his back to the basket and score with both a go-to move and a counter. There are a lot of similarities to former McDonald's All American Jason Collier. It is hard to believe he still has 3 more years of high school left, but gracious, buy now!

6'7' 2022 Asa White
Garner Road – Graves
White walks onto the floor looking the part. He has broad shoulders and great length to go with a bounce and a vibrancy to the way he moves. White is a good rebounder to go along with the ability to push the break and make a play. White is someone who is tracking to the highest level, and as a Garner Road player, you know he will continue to get better as they develop. White is someone the college coaches should absolutely peak in on throughout the weekend and familiarize themselves with.