The Bigs

If big men is your thing, if you’re a sucker for the high flying, rim protecting power 5 bigs, boy do we have a show for you. Not only do you have a number of nationally ranked guys who are 6’10” and up, but you also have a host of high-flying small ball bigs who look to tear the rim off while being incredibly switchable on defense.

Phenom’s Palmetto Winter Classic has made a reputation for bringing incredible talent to the floor for the Christmas season. This year is no different. There are so many different storylines going on, so many players who you got to see. Already, 12 players are committed, and signed, to college programs. Countless others are being recruited at that level. In only its third year, Phenom’s Palmetto Winter Classic has already had a player drafted in the NBA lottery, when Shai Gilgeous-Alexander was taken 11th this year by the LA Clippers.

The 2018 menu of talent is as deep as ever, so we needed to break it down a little to make sure you, the rabid fan, is able to digest exactly what there is to watch for. For starters … Let’s take a look at the notable bigs who are sure to warm your heart

6’11” Senior Kadin Shedrick (Virginia)
Holly Springs (NC)

Shedrick is the elder statesman of the group. The highest ranking senior in this field, at 54 via 247Sports. He is also an electric talent already committed to Virginia. Shedrick is an electric shot blocker, and strong rebounder. At least one time per half he will do something that is utterly impressive, something that not many 6’11” people on the planet can do.

7′ Sophomore John Butler Jr.
Christ Church Episcopal (SC)

Probably the top overall prospect in this event, Butler has a limitless ceiling for how good he could be. Throughout the course of a game, you’ll find Butler blocking shots, pushing the break, shooting 3s; pretty much just being overall impressive. Butler has great genes and will only look to get better. Enjoy this one.

6’11” Senior Malcolm Wilson (Georgetown)
Ridge View (SC)

Wilson has been brought in, and got the stamp of approval, by Hall of Fame center Patrick Ewing. He is a rim/paint protecting big to the truest form. Wilson is an excellent shot blocker, will put 3-4 in the third row each game, and a solid rebounder. He also tries to dunk Everything when he gets the ball on offense.

6’11” Senior Deandre Wilkins (Wagner)
Great Bridge Christian (VA)

Wilkins is a very strong, and chiseled, 6’11″/250 pounds. He runs the floor well and has great hands. When he gets the ball on the block he tries to tear the rim off. Wilkins is more of a throw back big, a rugged type who rebounds, screens and moves the ball. He is playing at a very high level right now and will open eyes the second he walks on the floor here.

7′ Junior Jerian Coleman
Great Bridge Christian (VA)

While Wilkins is the brute force, Coleman is the run like a gazelle big for Great Bridge Christian. The native of Alaska has great hands and is quickly developing by the day. He has touch, he runs the floor like a wing and he has great length, which he uses to affect play on both ends. Already carrying multiple D1 offers, more are certain to start flowing in.

6’8″ Junior Javon Benson
Ridge View (SC)

Benson is a no-nonsense big who brings a ferocious approach to the game. Yes, his ferocity level is high as he tries to block/dunk/run the floor every possession. It is a refreshing approach and he shows no fear, no matter the opponent. Benson dropped 17 and 8 against Oak Hill, with a number of thunderous dunks. Two offers in, more will start flowing.

6’9″ Junior Patrick Iriel
AC Flora (SC)

Iriel picked up his first offer this summer (USC-Upstate) and he has not looked back. He is strong than you think, he is bouncier than you think and he is much better than he looks when he runs onto the floor. Iriel has touch with great hands and ability to stretch the floor, he also plays with a toughness around the basket, doing the dirty work. The offers will start to pile on here.