Paul McNeil/Richmond vs. Colt Langdon/Millbrook showdown

There is no doubt that one of the top storylines heading into this event is the matchup between NC State Commit Paul McNeil and Richmond, going up against 2025 Colt Langdon. Two of the top players that will either be going to a high-major program or are going to a high-major program, square off as both teams have aspirations of making a deep run. Both are very talented teams overall with talent around them, but the matchup between McNeil and Langdon will be MUST-SEE TV.

How strong and dangerous is Fayetteville Academy?

Fayetteville Academy is coming in undefeated and we have been able to watch them during our jamborees and other events; they have looked strong with a physical presence and good guard play. 2026 Jossiah Johnson has risen as a go-to player that college coaches should look at, and they have seniors such as 2024 Xavier Johnson and 2024 Derrick Green also being forces. This team has been putting up points but they will be tested.

Learning more about Westover

Westover is coming off a 21-9 season last year, 12-5 in conference play.  They are a strong team led by their senior Ari Fulton, who is now headed to NJIT.  He, along with a deep roster, looks to make waves once again this year, as they bring back a lot of talent from last year along with a few new names to learn about. Just how dangerous can this team be? We hope to find out here!

Young, Rising Stars in North Carolina

With me being out West more in the Charlotte area, it is a great chance for me and all of Phenom to learn more about the rising young talent out east. 2026 Antonio McKoy will be a name that we are eager to see again, especially after seeing what he did at the Top 80. 2026 Tyson Thompson for St. Pauls looks to be one of the top bigs in the state, as well as 2026 Justin Caldwell for Trinity Christian. 2026 Kobe Edwards for Greenfield is another rising talent to check out. There will be plenty of young names to watch, as they are the next wave of talent here in the state.

Trinity Christian is one to really watch out for

We got a chance to see what Trinity Christian is like at our Jamboree right before the season, and they impressed big time. They have size, depth, experience, and they looked to be a very gritty team. 2024 Linwood Rowe is a rising senior to watch out for, but they also have good guard play led by 2025 DeVaughn Brown and company. Add on top the strong presence of 2026 Justin Caldwell down low, this is looking to be a dangerous team.

New Looking Teams here in North Carolina

We spoke about our interest in getting a chance to watch more teams this weekend, especially teams that may look a bit different. Greenfield will be strong once again with a few familiar names, but having new players stepping up as well. Goldsboro is another intriguing team to check out without Takorrie Faison leading the charge. Laney and Jordan bring new names to the court this year, we get an updated viewing of Northwood Temple led by 2025 Kenny Vera, and we get an updated viewing of several other teams. It is a great opportunity for us and for everyone to check out the rising talent out east.