Phenom Hoops traveled to Asheville, North Carolina to cover the Western North Carolina All Star game hosted by Jake Senyo of the Ranking Report. 60 of the top players were divided into three groups, freshmen/sophomore, juniors and seniors. It was a great opportunity to see some of the young and promising players in the western part of the state. Now, let’s take a closer look at some of the standout players. 

6’5 Rakease Passmore (A.C. Reynolds)

Of all the players in attendance, 6’5 freshman Rakease Passmore has the most potential and upside. We’re talking about a youthful, bouncy and athletic wing that has a tremendous feel for the game as a freshman. He’s exciting and only beginning to scratch the surface on his long-range projection. If he continues to work and develop, he will be in the conversation as one of the premier players in the absolutely loaded North Carolina 2024 class. Passmore finished with a game high 20 points. 

6’2 ’23 Jacob Tiller (Enka HS)

Jacob Tiller may have been the biggest surprise of the event. Last season, Tiller averaged 14.5 PPG and 4.9 RPG. Tiller impressed us with his quick leaping ability and explosive first step. He has the ability to score from all three levels and isn’t bashful about throwing it down for a crowd-pleasing dunk. Tiller has all the ingredients to be an effective collegiate prospect. He led the Grey team with 19 points.

6’1 ’23 Caleb Senyo (Haywood Christian) 

The “Do it All” point guard averaged 24.7 PPG and led the state in steals with 5.7 SPG, not to mention maintaining a 4.0 GPA in the classroom. Senyo is the epitome of a student athlete that plays hard, competes, and does all the little things that are important to winning. He knocked down 3-pointers, drove to the lane and was impressive making the right pass at the right time. He was the most complete guard in attendance and finished with 15 points. 

5’11 ’24 Christian Andrews (Asheville Christian)

Christian Andrews is next in line at the Asheville School who has enjoyed success from the point guard position. Andrews is crafty, quick and can get into the paint while being effective from the 3-point line with his accurate shooting touch. He finished with 14 points, but dished out a handful of assists. 

5’8 ’23 Keenan Wilkins (Hendersonville HS)

Hendersonville was one of the top teams in the state and lost in the state championship game. They were led by 5’8 Keenan Wilkins who averaged 23.8 PPG and collected 4.2 steals per game. Wilkins is crafty, quick and just understands how to play the game the right way. He’s the type of point guard others enjoying playing with. Wilkins has outstanding court vision and terrific passing skills, which is exactly what you want out of your lead guard position.

6’7 ’22 Nate Brafford (Rabun Gap)

Brafford just keeps getting better and better. Last season, he averaged 22.8 PPG and 7.0 PRG. In the Junior All Star game, it was simply the “Nate Brafford” Show. Brafford was more comfortable, confidence and aggressive attacking the basket with his off hand and made numerous left handed dunks, not to mention he knocked down a handful of long distant 3-pointers. Brafford finished with an event high 24 points and proved why he is and will continue to be in high demand by D1 schools. 

5’10 ’22 Dwight Canady (Hendersonville)

Canady started a little slow out of the gates, but once he got warmed up, he was terrific. The southpaw has the ability to score from all three-levels, but we were more impressed with his poise and overall leadership qualities. Canady finished with 18 points, but contributed nicely on the defensive side of the ball. 

6’8 ’22 Leon Nahar (Asheville School)

Potential, potential and potential. We were impressed with Nahar’s smooth and fluid game on both sides of the ball. Nahar has the ability to grab the defensive rebound and start the break with his ball handling and passing skills. He finished with 17 points, but really showcased a strong and effective all-around game.