TMP Elite

6’4 ’21 Mason Grant- The two-way wing was the most active player on the floor throughout this contest; he made plays defensively with his length and forced numerous turnovers. Grant thrived in transition and displayed the ability to create fairly well off the dribble. He has a nice frame, given his age, and could continue to add strength going forward. Grant was a pretty vocal teammate on the bench, court, and displayed leadership qualities on both sides of the ball.


6’4 ’21 Taeven Drayton- There were many contributors for TMP in their first game of Southern Jam, but Drayton arguably had the biggest two-way impact. He wasn’t particularly flashy, but the wing prospect was effective throughout, making various plays on both ends of the floor without requiring the ball in his hands. Drayton makes the biggest impact as a defensive presence, where he utilizes his strength and speed to switch across multiple positions.


Carolina Riptide

6’1 ’21 Michael Dunlin- The guard prospect serves a variety of purposes on this team, from causing havoc on defense to making hustle plays to filling in the lane in transition. Dunlin is still just beginning to harness his offensive identity, but plays hard and is willing to accept any role that his team needs.


5’10 ’21 Trace Forest- We recently wrote about Forest and his efficiency as a point guard, but his play from this contest must be highlighted. He isn’t a particularly great athlete, yet is able to frequently get by defenders and make clever passes in tight spaces. Forest has natural feel as a floor general and also applies pressure as a threat to spot-up or finish around the basket. Whether it appears in the scoreboard or not, he was the most consistent player for the Riptide today.



6’5 ’21 Jamarian Glenn- As the youngest player on either team, there was a lot to like with Glenn’s presence on both ends of the floor. He doesn’t force the action offensively and still has a ton of upside as a creator and scorer. Glenn had flashes of greatness throughout this contest, but continuing to improve his consistency will do huge wonders for his attractiveness as a prospect. The long-bodied forward is just beginning to harness his two-way abilities.


6’7 ’20 Christian Peterson- There is a lot of intrigue with this combo-forward. He didn’t shoot particularly well early on, but effectively got to his spots and showed upside as a three-level scorer. Peterson’s play improved as the game carried on, and those misses turned to makes. He positions himself nicely for rebounds and should continue to add strength in the near future. Peterson fights hard on the glass and makes quality reads in transition; he’ll be one to watch going forward.


Upward Stars Richmond

6’5 ’20 Mario Jackson-The strong, athletic forward prospect showed a lot of promise in this game, playing multiple different positions (including center) and accumulated an abundance of deflections in the process. Jackson has an excellent frame, especially if he can become a full-time wing, which he showed capabilities of doing. He rebounded fairly well and made a consistent impact in transition. He hit a three-pointer and has upside as a perimeter scorer.


6’2 ’21 Caleb Kennedy- The strong-bodied guard displayed a lot of upside as a playmaker, especially in transition. His vision stood out as his best asset, along with his tough frame, and he could become a versatile defender in time. Kennedy fought hard on the glass and was the one of two players in this game that belong to the Class of 2021, so there is plenty of time for him to develop and grow as a prospect.


Virginia All-Stars

6’5 ’20 Tee Bryan- There weren’t many prospects on display that were more impressive or possessed more upside than Bryan. At 6-foot-5, he’s blessed with long arms and a muscular frame, which could continue to fill out over time. Bryan is a quality all-around athlete and plays a variety of positions for this team, especially defensively, where he is able to guard plenty of forwards, guards, and even some big men.


Team USC

6’0 ’21 Robert McCray- The combo-guard was quite clearly among the most polished two-way prospects on the floor throughout this one. He scored a solid amount, but it was his passing and consistently high motor that stood out above all else. McCray is a multifaceted threat in transition and continues to look like a quality candidate to have the ball in his hands as the primary creator.


Charlotte Nets

6’3 ’20 Logan Jones- The wing prospect was pretty difficult for opponents to handle throughout this contest. He was the leading scorer on either team, frequently converting on all three levels and getting to the line at an impressive rate. Jones was the strongest force for the Nets and was the main thing putting them in contention for the win.



6’1 ’19 Jysson Slade- The guard prospect was arguably the best two-way player on this roster and consistently showcased his ability to affect all facets of the game. Slade is a nice athlete for his size and is willing to meet opponents mid-air whenever possible; he was excellent in transition from start to finish and made a noticeable impact as a defender.


Hoop State Elite – Rexrode

6’1 ’19 Tommy Bruner- The guard was one of two new players with Hoop State Elite, but he looked pretty comfortable, able to toggle between playing off-ball and as the main creator pretty easily. Bruner was active defensively and made terrific passes in transition and the half-court. He is an intelligent all-around prospect that simply elevates his teammates just by being on the floor.


6’4 ’20 Jalen King Joiner- This was the debut for Joiner with Hoop State Elite, and he looked pretty strong, making hustle plays and providing a quality presence defensively. He accumulated numerous deflections and always seemed to be near the ball. His role will continue to grow with this squad throughout the week, but Joiner was able to make a nice impact in their first showing.


Team Vision – NC

6’5 ’19 DeAngelo Elliott- Like the two aforementioned players, the Elliot brothers made their debut with a new squad, Team Vision. Throughout this contest, the 6-foot-5 shooter made a non-stop impact as a floor-spacer and threat to hit shots from three-point territory. College coaches need to look out for Elliot, because a shooter with size and a quick release should certainly translate to the next level.


5’11 ’19 Devin Elliott- The smaller Elliot also had a nice showing in their first game of the day, frequently getting by opponents off the dribble and making plays for others. His numbers didn’t necessarily translate in the box score, but this team enjoyed having a similar player to Raishaun Brown readily available.