Weddington Takes Down Crest 

Weddington may not pass the eye test, but they simply get the job done. They play the game at a very high level. They are one of the best coached teams in the state and are willing to put their team goals above personal goals. After I graduated from Butler University, the “Butler Way” has played a huge role in my life. The Butler Way demands commitment, denies selfishness and accepts reality, yet seeks constant improvement while promoting the good of the team above self. When I was watching Weddington last night, they reminded me of the Butler Way. They made all the right basketball plays. They were willing to give up a good shot for a great shot. 

Congratulations to Crest High School on having a fantastic year. Crest finished the season 16-2. They have a lot of great players on their team and some of them will be back next year. Look for Crest to have another special year next season. 

Top Players

Chase Lowe     6’5       2022    Weddington High School 

Chase is a complete player. At 6’5 he is able to impact the game on both ends. Chase is extremely versatile and does a great job finishing at the rim. He has a great change of pace and uses his body extremely well to get past defenders. His size allows him to see over defenders and make smart plays with the ball. Chase is able to create for himself and others. Chase does a little bit of everything on the court to help his team win games. Chase should get a bump in our next rankings. 

AJ Cook           5’11     2022    Weddington High School

AJ Cook should be considered one of the best shooters in the state. He has a beautiful shot and is able to get his shot off really quick. AJ has a tremendous basketball IQ. Being a small guard, he has the ability to see the game one play before it happens. AJ competes every possession on the court. It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog. There is so much fight in AJ. AJ finished with 19 points. 

Kyle Frazier     6’3       2022    Weddington High School

Kyle plays the game the right way. He knocked down four 3’s in the game last night. He can shoot the ball at a high level as well. He makes great decisions with the ball in his hands. Kyle is another play who competes every single possession. He is the type of player you want on your team because he isn’t scared to mix things up on the court. Kyle finished with 18 points. 

Mari Adams    6’0       2022    Crest High School

Mari is a quick, aggressive downhill guard who does a great job penetrating the defense. Even though Weddington played zone last night, he still found ways to get into the lane and finish at the rim. He has a good feel for the game and has great touch in the midrange and on floaters. He does a great job drawing contact on drives and getting to the free throw line. Mari has the ability to create for himself and others. Mari finished with 16 points.

Ray Hall           5’11     2022    Crest High School 

Ray was extremely aggressive all night long. He brought tremendous energy throughout the game. He does a tremendous job rebounding for his size. He has the ability to make an impact on both sides of the ball. He knocked down one 3-pointer last night but did a good job scoring around the rim. Ray finished with 15 points. 

Honorable Mention 

Evan Morton   6’0       2023    Weddington High School 

Evan is a shifty, crafty playmaker with the ball. Has the ability to make players around him better. Finished the game with 10 points. 

 Alex Bates      6’4       2023    Weddington High School 

Alex has the ability to stretch the floor. He hit three 3’s in last night contest. He is a confident shooter and believes every shot is going in. He battles every single possession. Alex finished the game with 9 points. 

Jadin Merritt 6’4         2021    Crest High School 

Jadin had a tremendous senior year. He averaged 15.2 ppg and 5.7 rpg. Even though last night didn’t go as planned he was still able to reach a tremendous milestone by scoring his 1,000 point.