New names continue to pop up around the state of North Carolina that fans and followers need to start to watch out for.  There are two young 2024 guards that we are keeping an eye on over the last few months and have started out strong this high school season, as they are looking to lead the charge.

2024 Quay Watson and 2024 Jullian Mack are two names you might be familiar with from the summer but they are playing extremely well to start the season at Hopewell, helping lead the charge early on.  We got a chance to watch both in action at the Charlotte Hoops Challenge and we were impressed.

To start, when watching Hopewell in action vs. Berry, Watson absolutely stole the show. But that is becoming more of a regular outing for the young, tough guard.  The 2024 point guard plays with such a great feel for the game and brings a playmaking ability to the court. He has a sturdy frame, is able to embrace contact, has shifty moves with the ball in his hands, and can really score the ball in a variety of ways.  Really like his toughness and awareness on the court, which is something he has shown consistently over the summer and now into the start of the season.  He is averaging nearly 28 points per game, 4.5 rebounds, and 5.5 assists to start the season.

Mack, who is a good size guard at 6’2, is another guard to really watch.  With him and Watson running the show, they make a very dynamic duo on the court.  Mack can score the ball in a variety of ways on the floor, especially with his pull-up game.  He can create his own shot and brings good athleticism to the table for his age.  Mack also moves well without the ball as well.  Right now, he is averaging nearly 12 points per game for Hopewell, pairing well with Watson.

Hopewell is a team that is still grouping things together early on but you can’t help deny that they have something brewing with the duo of Watson and Mack helping lead the charge.  That is why this is a program that you will want to keep your eyes on.

What was said about Quay Watson:

“Watson continues to be a name that pops up over the past several months. The young point guard continues to play at a high level. Continues to be an effective point guard and scorer on the floor, playing strong and embracing contact, as well as being a crafty ball-handler.  Really stepped up for his team in big moments, eventually finishing with 28 points to help his team secure the two-point win.”

“Watson is a young guard that quickly attracted some eyes with his style of play. The young guard has a nice feel for the game and a tremendous change of pace/direction with the ball in his hands. He was able to get his defenders off balance, create well for himself, and pick his spots to attack.”

All-American Evaluation on Jullian Mack:

“Moving onto a player that displayed a fairly impressive amount of skill, especially for his age, Jullian Mack. He’s a long, wiry guard prospect with excellent shooting instincts from mid-range and beyond the arc. Mack can spot-up, create his own shot, or set up others with relative ease. He finishes well with either hand and moves decently well without the ball in his hands. Next in his development process is working on his transition defense, as he possesses the necessary tools to make a better impact in that area. Coach Williams on Mack: “Jullian is an athletic guard with great shooting abilities from the perimeter. He posed a very reliable spot-up threat for our team across the weekend. He moves very well without the ball to find space and scoring chances. He needs to improve with his overall defensive presence in order to maximize his abilities.” Mack made his presence felt nicely during camp and should be able to carve out a productive role sooner than later at Butler.