By: Kevin Moses

2026 Brent Williams is a 6’7 wing from Loganville High School in GA. This gem right here is one of the best big men in the country already. Tough, gritty, and determined to go with great athletic abilities and footwork; he is a shot-blocking machine. He is a dominant inside presence that simply overpowers defenders at will while dishing out plenty of punishment in his own right.

Williams knows exactly what his strengths are and maximizes them. He is one of the fiercest competitors you are going to find anywhere. He is scrappy on both ends going after every rebound and loose balls, while also diving on the floor to get that ball. For a big his size that is special.

He is physical and will fight for every inch of the paint establishing without a doubt that paint is his house and you are an unwelcomed guest. Williams is driven with passion to do whatever it takes to get that win. Offensively, he is tremendously gifted as well with an incredible left-handed hook that cannot be stopped. Being a lefty creates matchup problems naturally. He runs the floor so well; that alone creates a ton of easy opportunities. With nice handles make him fluid in getting that done. A master at running the baseline but can step outside and drop a sweet long-range bomb. A beast on the boards on both ends.

Over the AAU session, Williams played for Redline Athletics and elevated that grit and hustle while improving his shooting touch. Brent averaged 9pts, 11rebs, and 5blks per game. This past season he averaged 19pts, 9rebs, and 6blks per game. He has set his goal to help the seniors on his team get a championship and go out on top. That’s a class act y’all. Shows character and true leadership.

This young star is a must-see TV. Get to Georgia and catch the show as he is a superstar on the rise but humble enough to wait his turn. I’m my opinion the time is now. Coaches get him locked in now as he will only get better and better so you can’t miss a minute.