By: Wake Hoops

As we wrap up the rankings release with our top five rising seniors, we get into a group of prospects that should be flirting with high-level scholarship programs throughout the region.

The link to the full rankings can be found here.

(1) 6’10” Wyatt DeGraaf (Cary Academy)

DeGraaf is a long, active, and strong big man who knows how to produce within his role. He has improved his presence inside over the past six months, impacting more and more possessions with active rebounding and rim pressure on both sides. His ability to protect the rim, both in drops and in weakside rotations, is legitimately impressive. He’s a good athlete and is mobile enough to be a threat in transition, as he’s hard to stop when catching and finishing at full speed. Between his height, frame, mobility, and coordination, DeGraaf possesses most of the physical tools that scholarship programs could want. On top of that, his understanding of the game and soft hands for his size gives him a solid floor at the collegiate level.

(2) 6’3” Brandon Callahan (Millbrook)

Callahan is a prototypical off-guard with smooth shooting mechanics and a full shot-making arsenal. He’s extremely effective within 0-3 dribbles, putting up great volume and efficiency while remaining within the flow of offense. Despite only playing 10 games with Millbrook last year, he was extremely efficient with splits of 47/42/83 while proving that he’s just as dangerous without the ball as he is with it. He has good length and positional size, making his shifty handle that much more effective when getting downhill. He’s a strong finisher at the rim, complimenting his shooting well. Defensively, he has solid instincts and can be useful in applying pressure on the ball or disrupting action off the ball. Callahan will be in a heightened role with Millbrook that will allow us to see his full offensive arsenal. He has such an obvious role at the next level, something that was focused even more with 1 of 1 Elite this summer. Because of this clear translation to the college game, programs across the region should be keeping a very close eye on the Millbrook guard.

(3) 6’1” Quasim Oden (Grace Christian)

Oden is a dynamic guard who prides himself on impacting both ends of the court. He’s physical on the defensive end, a stout POA defender who does a good job of minimizing opposing advantages. Offensively, he puts a lot of pressure on the rim, looking to get downhill seemingly every possession. He’s got a handle and frame that allow him to create space at a high rate and he uses that space to keep his balance and persistently attack the paint. He’s shown growth in his patience and ability to mix up speeds, specifically with Team Wall over the spring. He has the tools to operate as the main facilitator or alongside one at the next level. His two-way ability, growth as a creator, and persistent playstyle should make him a target for scholarship-level programs all over the region.

(4) 6’5” Camren Daniels (Southern)

Daniels is a smooth shot creator with good feel and fluid shooting mechanics. He can play on or off the ball, excelling as a shot-maker in both roles. His ability to pass out of both primary (ball screens, isolations) and secondary (closeouts, off-ball screens) actions is truly underrated. It’s an area of his game that could take a real developmental leap in the right context/situation, the feel, creativity, and pacing is all there. He’s a confident shooter who knocks down shots off the dribble or the catch, able to get hot in a hurry. His finishing at the rim is an area of his game that shows a lot of optimism. He’s only going to continue to fill out his frame and improve as a leaper while already possessing good touch and body control. Daniels just recently received his first offer from Dean College and that should only open the door for a variety of programs to follow suit.

(5) 6’7” Jackson Rein (Ravenscroft)

Rein is a big, smart, and active forward who does a lot of the little things that lead to winning. He can space the floor and attack other forwards on closeouts, using his size and craft to get to the rim and finish around more athletic defenders. His shooting ability is something that’s often overlooked by his other attributes, but he has quietly become one of the best shooters for his position in the area. His shooting off the catch is incredibly consistent and he’s getting more and more comfortable when adding complex footwork and dribbles. While he can score the ball well, there’s value to be found in many of the small areas in his game. His ability to set screens, find and cut to open spaces, and be in position on rebounds is frankly great. He has a good understanding of how to rotate defensively, often reading plays before they happen and beating opponents to the spot for a contest.