Continuing our dive into the 2024 class with Part 2. This time we will be looking at guys who were ranked within our top 15. Again, you can see those rankings in the tweet below.

Name – Position – School (Wake Hoops class ranking)

Brandon Callahan – Wing – Millbrook (2)

Brandon is a dynamic scorer from the wing that had an exciting season last year with Garner. He can score at all three levels and continues to develop nicely into an off-the-bounce creator. The combination of Brandon and Colt at Millbrook this season is going to be must-watch basketball as both are so electric with the ball in their hands. Brandon is on this list because of his breakout potential going into this year. He had a good year last year, but I wouldn’t be surprised if his production and efficiency seriously increased this time around. Brandon is in line to be the next great guard out of Millbrook, and I am intrigued to see what he does with it.

Isaac Tatum – Guard – Rolesville (4)

Isaac is one of my favorite players in the county because of what he can be. Isaac has the potential to be one of the most electric lead guards we have seen in recent years. He is quick, crafty, and can finish through contact despite his lean frame. He has great shot mechanics and put up a lot of volume from deep this past year. He didn’t connect on as many as I’d like but shooting over 2 per game shows me that he has the confidence needed to be an elite shooter. Isaac also has good passing vision and makes some impressive passes from time to time. For now, Isaac has a lot of potential as I will need to see him put all this together over a full season, but when he does, watch out.

Chris Uwayo – Wing – Panther Creek (6)

Chris is a dynamite threat on the wing for a loaded Panther Creek team. Chris can score at every level, especially at the rim where he is a consistent threat to finish through bigger defenders. He has good shot mechanics and is a microwave scorer that thrives off seeing a shot go in. If his volume increases this season, I would predict Chris to explode as a volume scorer. With the uncertainty of Amari Odom and Tyler Thompson’s status regarding basketball, Chris projects to be the number one returner in points, assists, and steals for the Catamounts. I don’t foresee him having to handle too much of the lead guard responsibilities, although he is more than capable of it. Chris can do it all on the court and has the confidence to go with it, I am excited to see where he takes that this season.

Jaevian Alston – Forward – Wake Forest (10)

Jaevian is an uber-athletic forward that plays inside mostly due to his ability to jump. He has a knack for timing up putbacks and lobs around the rim that allows him to efficiently score inside. He is the leading returner in rebounds, steals, and blocks. He will probably spend a lot of time inside again this season, but he has the skill and athleticism to stretch the floor if he needed to. He was the 4th option last year on offense and should be in that position again as the three guys ahead of him are returning for their senior seasons. This is going to be a ridiculously talented Wake Forest team and Jaevian will have the unique position of being a truly elite 4th option. Jaevian will be the man his senior season and his development this year will play a key part in his future success.

Chris Crudup – Wing – Garner (11)

Chris is a confident scorer that can fill it up in multiple ways. He impresses me because he can take control of his team when he needs to. When I watched him play with Garner at the 919 One Day Bump, he was the guy that stepped up when Garner needed him to. He was the one that they turned to in clutch moments, and while he didn’t always convert, it is a good sign that he is the one taking those last shots. I like the mechanics of his shot and would project him to be one of the better shooters in his conference this season. Chris is a hard guy to keep from scoring and I am interested to see how he fares this season.