VA Top 80 Team Evaluations: Team 4

Coach Ben Veshi

#85 Jalen Frazier

Frazier is a 6-foot-9 center that showed a great attitude and IQ on the court, as well as great team effort and play. He was solid in showcasing his range of shot inside the arc and really excelled in his ability to knock down the shot with his back to the basket. He finished at the rim and rebounded well with his size. For a big man, he also showed he had great vision on the court and passing abilities. Frazier was solid all throughout the day and really excelled in areas in the paint.

#63 Alex Fitch

Fitch had a strong day throughout the camp. He continued to improve his passing ability and vision on the court. He has a bright future for what he can do on the court. He seemed to really excel in areas such as his shot making, shooting the ball on all three levels, showcasing a nice release and touch. Fitch also had solid footwork and quickness all day long and moved well without the ball in his hands, looking to get open and find his shot. Continuing to work on some areas will only make him even more dangerous.

#25 Jordan Battle

Battle is a great guy and very coachable, as he had an incredible attitude, provided max effort, and was a team player throughout the event. He was able to hit some shots from inside and outside the arc, had an above average release time and shooting mechanics, and excelled in using his off hand. When he attacked the rim, he was able to finish and used his ball handling skills and vision to make some really good plays.

#47 Deshaun Wade

Wade is a name that we knew coming into the event and continued to show that he is one to watch. He really can shoot the ball well, no matter where he was on the court and he wasn't afraid to pull the trigger. He showcased really good abilities to catch and shoot, shooting off the dribble, and using his off hand. But he also attacked and penetrated the lane, finishing strong at the rim. He also excelled on the defensive side of the ball.

#71 Matthew Cagle

Cagle worked hard all day long at the camp and was really focused on improving his game and showing that he can compete. Had a great attitude for the game and really did some things well on the court. He rebounds well and moves without the ball, while also being able to stretch the defense with his range on his shot. Continue to work on your strength and conditioning, along with your overall game, and Cagle could be a special player.

#39 Myles Jones

Jones had a really good event in Richmond. He was solid in so many levels of his game, it was hard to find some things he could continue to work on. Overall, had a great feel and attitude for the game and event, was able to knock down shots with solid release time and use of off hand, and also finished at the rim when he attacked. He also gave really good effort on the defensive side, both on, off, and in transition. Continue to work and Jones should be one to keep an eye on.

#17 Kam Harris

Harris might only be 6-foot, but this kid left it out on the courts and people noticed. His coach absolutely loved his ability to play hard all the time. He hit the open jumpers and really was solid at attacking and finishing at the rim, without any thought or hesitation. Really liked his vision on the court in passing to the open teammate and continued to make plays on the court with his footwork and quickness. Continue to work and Harris could be one that is tough to guard for anyone down the road.