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INTERVIEW: 2023 Donovan Raymond with Recruitment Update + Expanding HIS Game for the Upcoming Season

2023 Donovan Raymond sits down with Patrick O’Brien from Phenom Hoops to talk about playing with Team United this summer, his developing game and focus for the upcoming season, and talks about his offers from Texas A&M and Georgetown while who else is showing interest.

INTERVIEW: 2023 Wesley Tubbs III Gives Recruitment Update + Expanding HIS Game + Season Preview!

Patrick O’Brien with Phenom Hoops sits down with Wesley Tubbs at the Phenom Summer Havoc to talk about all the latest… His excitement around playing with Team United, his continuing development in his game, becoming more of a leader, along with all the latest in his recruitment. Tubbs breaks down his thoughts on the latest offers and talks about each visit he has taken.

INTERVIEW: 2022 Lawrence Bartee Talks Latest Offers + Interests & Reviews His HS Season!

Patrick O’Brien with Phenom Hoops sits down with a fast-rising big man in 2022 Lawrence Bartee to talk about his developing game and his focus with his game, as well as his latest offers and interests coming his way.

INTERVIEW: 2023 Greg Jackson on HM Offers Rolling In + Previewing Peach Jam with CP3 16U!

Patrick O’Brien with Phenom Hoops sat down with 2023 Gregory Jackson from CP3 and Ridge View to talk about an exciting summer so far. What is his excitement playing with CP3 this summer and how would he best describe his game. He also talks about his blow-up with his recruitment, earning multiple high-major offers and more coming.

INTERVIEW: 2022 Xavier McKelvy on his RECRUITMENT BOOM + Playing in Front of Coaches Again & More!

Patrick O’Brien with Phenom Hoops sits down with one of the fastest rising prospects in the Class of 2022 in NC, Xavier McKelvy. In the latest interview, we discuss his big summer so far, how he has developed his game over the last few years, and how his recruitment has taken off as well as some new interests.

INTERVIEW: 2022 AJ Smith with a Recruitment Update + AAU LIVE Period Coming Up + This Upcoming SZN!

Patrick O’Brien with Phenom Hoops sits down with 2022 AJ Smith from Combine Academy and Team Charlotte to discuss all he has learned and developed in his game, his excitement around the LIVE Period, and an update on his recruitment. Which schools have been coming on strong, recent offers, and new interests.

INTERVIEW: 2023 Trey Green Makes the MOVE to Link Year + Breaking the Top 100 + Recruitment Update!

2023 Trey Green is one of the top point guards in the state of North Carolina. He is looking and already has had a tremendous summer as far as recruitment, as he talks about the latest offers and interests. Green also talks about his transfer to his new school and breaking the Top 100 rankings.

INTERVIEW: 2022 Luke Krawczyk Gives Phenom an Update on His RECRUITMENT, Visits, & the AAU Season

2022 Luke Krawcyzk sits down with Patrick O’Brien with Phenom Hoops to talk about the latest, including last year’s run at Carmel Christian, stepping up as a bigger leader this upcoming season, how he would best describe his game, and earning his first D1 offers.

INTERVIEW: 2022 Elijah Thomas Talks About HIS VIRAL Moment + Updates HIS Recruitment + AAU Season

Patrick O’Brien with Phenom Hoops sits down with 2022 Elijah Thomas as he discusses what it has been like playing with Sheed Wallace Select, the upcoming excitement with GBB, his mentality on the court and what he can bring, and his recruitment.

INTERVIEW: 2022 Donovan Atwell on Being MORE THAN A Shooter + Making the Transition to a NEW School!

Tyler Lewis from Phenom Hoops sits down with one of the top shooters in the state of North Carolina, 2022 Donovan Atwell, to discuss al the latest with him. Check out what he had to say, especially the transition to a new program.