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Phenom Hoops Training: Playing off 2 Feet Colby Lewis is joined by Tyler Lewis from Phenom Hoops to show the importance of playing off two feet. He breaks it down more on how players can get better and develop their game.

HIGHLIGHTS: 2023 Tyrese Melo was LIGHTING UP Phenom LIVE Events All Summer Long!

6’2″ Tyrese Melo and Run the Citi attended Phenom Hoops AAU LIVE events this summer and put on an absolute scoring display! Check out his highlights here!

Phenom Hoops’ Tyler Lewis Shows 10 Ways to Play Off Ball Screens

Tyler Lewis brings you 10 ball screens progressions. Continue to learn and develop with Phenom Hoops.

HIGHLIGHTS: VT’s MJ Collins Brings Scoring Prowess to Mike Young & the Hokies! HS Senior Highlights

2022 MJ Collins put on a show and was one of the fastest-rising prospects in the country for his class. Now, he is in Blacksburg gearing up to play for Virginia Tech. But check out his game and what he can provide on the court.

HIGHLIGHTS: UNCG Freshman Donovan Atwell AAU/HS Highlights from 2022 Season

UNCG was able to secure a big recruit in the state of North Carolina in 2022 Donovan Atwell, who looks to be a key piece for the Spartan’s future. Check out his senior season and summer highlights, seeing what he can bring to the table.

HIGHLIGHTS: 2022 Chase Lowe Ready to Contribute at William & Mary From Day 1! Raw Highlights Chase Lowe is looking to bring his winning ways to William & Mary in the coming years, as he found tremendous success while at Weddington. One of the more underrated prospects in North Carolina, check out his highlights...

Benefits of the Reverse Pivot + Reverse Pivot Jab Series Progression with Phenom Hoops

Colby Lewis from Phenom Hoops continues to provide ways to progress your game with a few new training techniques. Here are two videos that can improve your game.

Phenom Hoops Colby Lewis Talks The Importance of Being Shot Ready & Making Quick Decisions! The Importance of Being Shot Ready & Making Quick Decisions 1. Be shot ready on every catch. Forces the defense to respect you. 2. Make a decision on 0.5 seconds. 3. Keep the ball hot. Make the defense play in rotation....

HIGHLIGHTS: 2023 6’6″ Collin Tanner COMMITS to Richmond University! HS + AAU Highlights

2023 Collin Tanner announced that he would be committing to Richmond, giving the Spiders a terrific future prospect. Check out the highlights of his game and what he can bring to the table.

HIGHLIGHTS: Top 15 Jason Asemota COMMITS to BAYLOR University! #CoachRickTOC Highlights

Baylor was able to make waves in the recruiting world this weekend, as they were able to land one of the top prospects in the country in Jason Asemota. He recently showcased his full arsenal at the Coach Rick TOC with Phenom Hoops. Check out his highlights.