We have talked about multiple programs that have the attention of college coaches around the country.  But one program that might not be getting the attention they deserve this season, Victory Christian should be one that college coaches are all over and watching, on all levels.

This is a program that is loaded with talent that can play at the next level, whether it is D3, D2, or D1.  When you watch this team, they play incredibly unselfish basketball but also have a ton of weapons at their disposal. 

You start with a few players that already hold a few high-major offers but could be gathering more down the road.  2022 Lewis Duarte is a special prospect from the Dominican, now making a name for himself in North Carolina. The extremely athletic wing prospect plays fundamentally sound, can operate and score from multiple areas, finishes strong around the rim, and can make an impact on both sides of the floor.  Then you have 2022 Randi Ovalle, who also holds multiple offers.  The forward has a unique blend of size and ability to stretch the floor, to go along with his handling, ability to knock down shots from the perimeter, and rebound.

Then you start looking at a few names that continue to impress and show that they could be nice pieces at the next level.  You start with 2021 Demar Anderson, a leader for this team but one that has shown he can impact the team in multiple ways; whether it is being a leader, getting others involved, or showing his ability to put up points.  Then you take a look at the twins, Tajuan Simpkins and Takai Simpkins, who are part of the 2022 class.  Both play well off each other, which is unique in that they can alternate their playing style.  Both athletic, works well out in transition, can lead the offense, and can score the ball well.  Lastly, you have Zachary Stone, a 2021 6’10 player that is back with the program.  The stretch forward is still developing his game but brings size and the ability to stretch the floor but also operate in the post.

That doesn’t even include 2023 Addison Archer, who is already garnering attention and offers as a young prospect but has been sidelined for the season so far.

You also have players like 2021 Randal Aguilar, 2021 Tyreke Thompson, 2021 Caleb Coleman, and others that could garner some eyes with their play. 

But no matter where you look, talent can be found at Victory Christian and this is a program that college coaches should seriously be paying more attention to.