The Virginia Top 80 is the most prestigious showcase camp in the state. In this annually held camp, we utilize scouts, coaches, and programs to help us identify the 80 best players Virginia has to offer. Virginia is traditionally a basketball hotbed, and that tradition is not slowing down anytime soon.

Phenom Hoops likes to provide a platform for every kid that supports our events, so here is a write up for each kid in attendance.

Virginia Top 80 – Team 6
Head Coach: Ethan Walker (Cape Henry Collegiate)

#9 6'1 2017 Mario Haskett – LC Bird (Richmond)
Haskett is a very fundamentally sound combo guard. He has a good IQ, and makes the correct read on most plays. What sets Haskett apart from others is his willingness to compete on both ends of the floor, every possession. Haskett's Camp Coach Ethan Walker stated, 'Mario is a solidly built guard with some combo tendencies. He is an above average shooter with good range and moves very well off the ball.' As Haskett continues to improve we would like to see him continue to work on his body and quickness.

#11 6' 2018 Jonathan Norfleet – Salem HS (Salem)
Norfleet distinguished himself a tough guard who has a great frame and good basketball IQ. He came into camp with a great attitude, and displayed solid leadership for a kid so young in this setting. Norfleet's Camp Coach Ethan Walker stated, 'Jonathan is a young, tough guard with a solid handle. He has a good basketball body to build on and plays the right way.' As Norfleet continues to progress, we would like to see him continue developing his jump shot.

#17 6'1' 2018 Rasir Bolton – Millwood School (Midlothian)
Bolton had a great attitude in camp. As a young 2018 prospect, he showed the knowledge of how to run a team. Bolton defended the ball well and displayed a good handle and jump shot. Bolton's Camp Coach Ethan Walker stated, 'Rasir is a young and very heady point guard. He has a solid foundation for a young point guard to build upon.' As Bolton continues to get stronger, we would like to see him continue to develop his strength and develop range on his jump shot.

#38 6'4' 2016 Malcolm Weathers – Cape Henry Collegiate (Virginia Beach)
Weathers stands out with his versatility on the defensive end. He is a high motor guy that takes match-ups personally and has the ability to defend multiple positions. Weather's Camp Coach Ethan Walker stated, 'Malcolm is a long and lean that does a great job using his length both in the passing lanes, and contesting shots.' As Weathers continues to develop we would like to see him keep getting strong and developing the range on his jump shot.

#52 6'2' 2017 Mastadi Pitt – Hampton HS (Hampton)
Pitt exudes confidence from the second he walks on the floor. He is a quick point guard with a sturdily built body. We were impressed with Pitt's ability in both the half and full courts, as he made great decisions in both situations. Pitt's Camp Coach Ethan Walker stated, 'Mastadi is a strong barrel chested point guard, who can score at all three levels. He makes great reads in pick and roll situations and plays great defense, never takes plays off.' If Pitt continues to work hard, his future is very bright, great camp for him.

#54 6'5' 2017 Lance Tebay – Bishop Sullivan (Virginia Beach)
Tebay is a hard working versatile wing. He has the ability to make shots beyond the arc, with good quickness and leaping ability. Tebay's Camp Coach Ethan Tebay stated, 'Lance has good length to become a versatile defender with good shot making ability.' As Tebay continues to develop we would like to see him keep working in the mid-range.

#55 6'6' 2016 Harold Baruti – Mountain Mission (Grundy)
Baruti is an elite athletic specimen who carries a great work ethic and college ready frame. He has a non-stop motor that ran hot through camp. Baruti's Camp Coach Ethan Walker stated, 'Harold creates an instant mis-match with his strong frame and inside-out game. No one in camp worked harder that Baruti, MOTOR MOTOR MOTOR!' While Baruti had has great touch beyond the arc, we would like to see him continue develop his game more between 5 feet and 21 feet.

#59 6'6' 2016 Xavier Green – Williamsburg Christian (Williamsburg)
What sticks out the most for Green is his ability to see the floor. His court IQ and awareness is superb for his size. Green's Camp Coach Ethan Walker stated, 'Xavier is a silky smooth wing who is able to handle and see the floor like a true PG. Xavier is a shot maker of the bounce and catch, and he has a great size/skill combination.' As Green continues to progress, we would like to see him to give consistent defensive effort and continue gaining strength.

#71 6'8' 2018 David McCormack – Norfolk Academy (Norfolk)
McCormack passes the look test. He is every bit of a well put together 6'8' and 300 pounds. McCormack has a great touch and soft hands on the ball. He is very strong and has a good IQ in the post. McCormack's Camp Coach Ethan Walker stated, 'David has soft touch, nice hands, and a good basketball IQ. For such a young big, David has a great foundation to build upon.' As McCormack continues to get older, we would like to see him continue to develop early position in the post as he continues to become a major college prospect.