Though many players are part of 2022, 2023, or 2024 class (among others as well) that were playing at the Phenom 757 Showcase, there are STILL a few unsigned seniors that captured our eyes and could be late additions for a program.  Here are two names that grabbed our attention and left a lasting impression.

2021 5’11 Isiah Golden (Charlotte Dragons):

Sitting down watching Golden, he quickly captured our eyes with the impact he had offensively and defensively for his team.  Offensively, he is an excellent guard in getting to the paint and finishing around the rim and around defenders, just having a smooth feel in his game.  He does an excellent job in transition, attacking defenses and capitalizing on scoring opportunities or finding his teammates.  Add that onto his quick, shifty moves to break down defenders, Golden was tough to stay in front of a lot of the weekend. Defensively, he was an absolute pest with getting in the passing lanes and creating turnovers, ultimately turning those steals into points.  The 5’11 point guard played solid all weekend long and could be a nice late grab for someone.

2021 6’5 Torrence Horton (Team AKT):

Who wouldn’t want a vocal leader that plays with a ton of energy and can impact the game in an array of ways? That is what Horton did for his team. A name that quickly caught our attention and continued to do so throughout the event, Horton is a long and fluid prospect that simply made tough play after tough play. He showed he is able to score in an array of ways, whether battling through and finishing strong inside or stepping out and knocking down shots with his jumper, Horton filled up the stat sheet.  You have to love his “never-back-down” type mentality, as he took on the challenges in front of him and backed it up in a big way.  Horton showed that he is one that belongs and can help a program in some fashion.