The state of North Carolina is blessed with an overabundance of talent. In the North Carolina 2018 class, 60 plus players signed with D1 schools and another 40 plus signed to play at the D2, D3, NAIA or Juco level. Quite impressive numbers! This year, the 2019 class is on the same course to have 100 plus players continue to play at the collegiate level. In our unsigned senior spotlight, we want to take a closer look at 6’4 Bryant Randleman of Durham Academy, who we strongly feel is a scholarship-level player at the D1 level. Our full 2019 North Carolina rankings:


Not many folks seem to know about Randleman, though he’s arguably the most reliable, college-ready player on a very successful Durham Academy squad. Currently, he’s on the cusp of averaging 15-5-5 on a nightly basis while being the true leader of this team and setting the tone on either end of the floor. Randleman is smart and capable of toggling between guard positions, given his overall unselfishness and ability to consistently create scoring opportunities for others. He possesses a nice blend of IQ, skill, and athleticism, which really allows him to operate within various different roles on the court.


We recently saw Randleman at our City of Oaks Classic in Raleigh, North Carolina, right after earning his first Division I offer from High Point. He set the floor for others and looked to take over whenever necessary, offering a strong balance between scoring and playmaking. It’s somewhat surprising that Randleman’s recruitment hasn’t taken off since receiving the aforementioned first offer, as he could clearly contribute to a variety of programs at the next level, especially given his well-rounded skillset.


Our own Rick Lewis on Randleman in 2015, “6’4 ’19 Bryant Randleman (Durham Academy) Randleman is a strong, athletic combo guard. He can easily play both guard positions. We were impressed with his length, quickness and ability to get to the rim. In addition, Randleman demonstrated good court and helped create scoring opportunities for his teammates. On the other side of the ball, Randleman could easily become a defensive specialist utilizing his length, quickness and athleticism.”He’s maintained a lot of what separated him from other prospects, but continues to sharpen and revamp his all-around approach. Randleman will be an excellent buy-now candidate for Division I programs, especially if he’s able to continue playing at a high level on both ends of the floor.


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