Unsigned Senior Spotlight: 6’2 Efosa U-Edosomwan

The state of North Carolina is blessed with an over abundance of talent. In the North Carolina 2018 class, 60 plus players signed with D1 schools and another 40 plus signed to play at the D2, D3, NAIA or Juco level. Quite impressive numbers! This year, the 2019 class is on the same course to have 100 plus players continue to play at the collegiate level. In our unsigned senior spotlight, we want to take a closer look at 6’2 Efosa U-Edosomwan of Charlotte Christian, who may be one of the area’s top unsigned senior and best kept secret.

We’ve  watched Efosa-U-Edosomwan numerous times the past year, whether it is in a camp setting, travel ball or with his current Charlotte Christian team. One thing is crystal clear, he is the type of player that always gives effort. He brings energy, hustle and heart to each game and this was evident after we watched his performance at the Hoodies House Tournament during the Christmas break. At the Hoodies House Classic, Efosa  was named All Tournament and was the Slam Dunk winner, not to mention he was selected “Player of the Game,” at the Charlotte Hoops Challenge.

Moving into the new year, Charlotte Christian is 18-1 and is ranked the second best team in the NCISAA and Efosa is a major reason why. For the season, Efosa is averaging 15.1 PPG, 3.7 APG, 4.2 RPG and 2.7 SPG. As you can clearly see, he is a valuable piece to the team’s success. At 6’2, Efosa has excellent athleticism, length and plays much bigger than his listed height. Efosa is an excellent defender and usually guards the imposing team’s best offensive player. More importantly, Efosa understands his role and plays extremely unselfish within the team structure exhibited by Charlotte Christian, but still manages to be the team’s second leading scorer. Very impressive!

Efosa is definitely a scholarship level prospect that is a true student athlete. He sports an impressive 3.6 GPA and schools looking for a solid all around player that combines athleticism, advance level skills, a great attitude and one who knows how to be succesful in a team first enviroment should check no further. Efosa simply just does alot of everything well and is a low risk, high return player.


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