The Carolinas are blessed with an overabundance of talent. In the South Carolina 2018 class, over a dozen players signed with D1 schools and another 40 plus signed to play at the D2, D3, NAIA or Juco level. Quite impressive numbers, especially for what is considered a “football state” by many! This year, the 2019 class is on the same course to have 70 plus players continue to play at the collegiate level. In our unsigned senior spotlight, we want to take a closer look at 6’1 Sean McCabe of Nation Ford High School in Fort Mill, South Carolina who we strongly feel is a scholarship-worthy player.


The last calendar year has been somewhat unusual for the combo-guard prospect, as he was set to reclassify and enroll at Northside Christian, but ultimately decided to remain a senior and return to Nation Ford. However, McCabe played the entire summer as a 2020 prospect and generated a lot of buzz during that period. Many schools reached out and expressed interest, but also wanted to see his continued physical development before going all-in on him. Since then, he’s added the necessary strength to contain his assignment defensively and attack the basket at a high frequency offensively. McCabe’s significance for this Nation Ford team isn’t necessarily going to show up in the numbers, as he consistently makes the winning plays that every team must have (taking charges, making the extra pass, and defending with purpose). That being said, he was extremely vital for his Columbia Hoyas team this past summer while averaging 15 PPG and 4 APG. He’s tougher than opponents tend to give him credit for, but we’ve watched McCabe outperform more “highly-touted” prospects on a fairly regular basis. His recruitment includes multiple D2 and D3 programs extending interest and offers, so it’ll be interesting to see what schools get involved going forward.


We’ve seen McCabe an abundance of times throughout the last few years and he’s consistently gotten better with each viewing. Here’s what we recently said about him following our Southern Jam, “Over the past year, the combo-guard has elevated his game in nearly every facet while adding strength and sharpening his mind for the game. He’s quietly gone from a shooter to a true scorer with the ability to consistently initiate offense for the team. This Columbia Hoyas team looked to McCabe to score more than anyone else on a game-to-game basis, and he upheld his end of the bargain quite well. He has a strong IQ and overall feel for the game, but it’s likely that he’ll just keep improving, especially given what we’ve seen over the last few months.”McCabe fully embraces his role and being a high-level teammate on both sides of the ball. He’s willing to give up touches and numbers in order to collect wins, which speaks to what he values as a basketball player.


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