Unsigned senior Josh Colon has been a prospect that has flown under the radar for quite some time now, but is now gathering the attention that he deserves.

Colon is a 5-foot-9 pont guard from Blue Ridge and a state champion, as the senior is now gaining the recognition he deserves on the court. 'Over the past few weeks, he has received offers from Virginia State, Chowan, and Charleston.

“It is just a great feeling,” Colon told Phenom Hoops. '”One of the best of my life for sure.”

We watched Colon closely at the Phenom Joe Miller Invitational this past December and he showed incredible leadership, excellent decision making, and a scoring threat; he also shows that he can be an outstanding defender and was the true motor for Blue Ridge this season.

“I go into every game thinking that you are not better than me and I’m going to go at your neck every possession, no matter who you are,” he said. '”I just give my all the whole 32 minutes of the game. 'I just got a chip on my shoulder. 'I take pride in not letting one score and in the other end score on you and you can’t do anything about it.”

Colon is point guard that programs really need to keep an eye and watch, as this young man is under the radar on just what he can do on the court. 'He is a proven winner and leader, two factors that any program would love to have.

This past season, Colon averaged 12 points, five assists, two rebounds, and one steal while shooting 48 percent from the floor and 35 percent from three.

Virginia Top 80

#2 5'9' 2017 Josh Colon ' Blue Ridge School (Saint George)
Colon is a true point guard, and excels in all of the offensive traits that true point guards have. He is a very quick player that is a good ball handler, going both ways. We would like to see Colon continue to develop his shooting range mechanics and on ball defense. When locked in Colon can be a fiery competitor.

Joe Miller Invitational

2017 Josh Colon (Blue Ridge):'Colon came out firing on Day 1 for Blue Ridge and was the true main threat in a relatively easy win for his team.' Colon though set the tone and did it with his outside shot.' He hit four three-pointers, including two And-1's from behind the arc, while also running the team at point.' He has solid vision on the court, understands where to be and really shot the ball well; confident shooter.' He finished the day with 18 points in the win for Blue Ridge.