Player: Audrey Jennings
Class: 2021
School: Elkin High School

There are times when you just have to wonder how this player has fallen through the cracks but we want to recognize one that has been producing and should be getting some more looks.  Audrey Jennings, a senior from Elkin high school, has been off the charts this season, averaging 24.4 points per game, 6.3 rebounds, 5 steals, and is shooting 62 percent from the floor and 40 percent from the three.  The 5’9 prospect has seen growth in her game, elevating and developing each season to where she is now; she has shown that she knows how to score the basketball effectively. Jennings averaged 22 points last year and now 24 points this year, had a 45-point performance last season as a junior, and has had back-to-back 31-point performances and back-to-back 36-point performances this season.

Jennings does a tremendous job in attacking and handling with both hands, along with her quickness on the court.  She has exceptional basketball IQ and can not only get it done on the offensive end but make an impact on the defensive end.  Jennings is also a tremendous student, holding a 4.4GPA.

Here is what her high school coach, Matt Garris, had to say about her:

“Her game is as well-rounded as it gets. She honestly finishes so well going left that it seems as if she used to be left-handed, but she wasn’t. She is a lights-out shooter. She beats every shooting practice drill. She was also 8-of-9 from 3 in one game her junior season in which she scored 45 points. She is super long and is the best anticipator I’ve ever coached. She moves without the ball super well. She is also great in the post, especially for a wing player. She understands when to curl, flare, seal, etc.— She reads the defense so well. Her strengths are her in shooting and finishing. She’s not a slasher or a shooter— she’s both, literally. She is also a great on-the-ball defender as well. She’s as much of a next-level player as I’ve ever coached.”

Video Highlights: