On Monday, Phenom Hoops traveled down to the Rock Hill Sports and Events Center in Rock Hill, South Carolina for another quality event with a talented field of teams. The 12-game slate offered a ton of intrigue subplots and storylines along the way, so let's take a closer look at some of the available, less-discussed prospects that college coaches should be pursuing…

6'1 Javian Cannady (Concord Academy)

By now, all types of college programs should have Cannady on their radar, especially given his nonstop production over the last eight months. His transition from Team Hickory to Concord Academy has truly left nothing to be desired, as Cannady seems to find ways to contribute in every possible context. He's smart, well-rounded, and plays with a high motor on both ends of the floor, which seems to naturally allow him to make an impact. Cannady can initiate offense and set up others or operate without the ball and assert himself as a scorer. His stock should continue rising. 

6'9 Isaac Farah (Liberty Heights)

After loudly exclaiming for the last few days (and ten months prior to that) about Farah's ability as a Division I player, folks should be caught up to speed. Anyone with his size, length, mobility, athleticism, and timing as a rebounder and shot-blocker should be pursued by a variety of programs. Add in his ability to score from inside the paint, midrange, or beyond the arc, and Farah's identity truly sells itself. For any coach in the region who hasn't offered, get involved, because he would've likely already blown up had he come to North Carolina just one season earlier. 

6'5 Ray Bellamy (Moravian Prep)

Despite being one of the newer additions to Moravian Prep, Bellamy has never wavered as an obvious scholarship-level talent. He was excellent over the summer and has continued his high-level of play throughout the new year. Bellamy is a long, wiry, fairly well-rounded wing prospect with a nice blend of IQ, skill, and athleticism. He defends multiple positions and scores the ball in a variety of ways, but can also set up others as needed. Bellamy is going to carve out a productive role for whatever program ultimately nets his services at the next level. 

6'4 Shawn Wilson (Bull City Prep)

Between the two lists, specifically regarding those who are well-known and productive, Wilson has arguably received the least attention of anyone. While likely due to his early-season transfer, there's simply no denying the strides he's made within his game over the last calendar year. Wilson is now truly capable of operating from either guard position, though he seems potentially more overwhelming as an all-around scorer. His size also allows him to operate from multiple positions and outwork bigger opponents on a regular basis. 

6'5 Akhiris Holden (Henderson Collegiate)

Though he's become somewhat of a Phenom-favorite over the years, Holden still deserves a ton of recognition for his production and the clear strides he's made within his game. What he lacks in size, he makes up for with length, nonstop activity, and an incredible nose for the ball. Holden has taken his undersized, high-motor identity and transitioned into a legitimate problem for opponents on both ends of the floor. He's a terrific athlete but has developed his ball-handling and three-point shooting mightily over the last six months. His recruitment has begun to pick up, so expect to see Holden continue to succeed at the next level.