While everyone is talking about high-profile teams like Liberty Heights, Winston-Salem Christian, Lake Norman Christian, Moravian Prep, Bull City Prep, Word of God, The Burlington School, and others, folks should be reminded about the surplus of talent at United Faith Christian Academy. This is nothing out of the ordinary, as this program has seen dozens of noteworthy players come through their doors over the past decade. However, their current group is sliding under the radar and is deserving of more attention from college coaches. Let’s look at the roster…

6’3 ’21 LJ Johnson

After generating buzz this summer, Johnson returns to UFCA in an even bigger leadership role, and rightfully so, as he’s a consistent scoring force with IQ, athleticism, and defensive capabilities. He’s simply a well-rounded offensive player with a reliable jumper, penetration sense, and the necessary vision to make smart passes to his teammates. Johnson is also a quality defender with length, motor, toughness, and anticipation. He should continue to see college coaches get involved, as he is a next-level player. 

6’2 ’22 Xavier McKelvy 

Despite being a new addition, McKelvy immediately assumed a leadership role of his own upon joining the Falcons. He’s so strong, physical, and athletic, but also brings so much poise, polish, and feel with his two-way approach. McKelvy is a rugged defender with incredible length and toughness, which allows him to overwhelm his assignment and guard multiple positions. He’s a great rebounder and makes his presence felt regularly in transition. McKelvy is very difficult to stop from getting to the basket, where he finishes through contact or above the rim, but also forces opposing defenses to respect his perimeter jumper. His recruitment should trend upward for the foreseeable future.

5’10 ’22 Marcus Willis

Arguably the heart and soul of this team, Willis is the floor general and point of attack for this operation. He’s a quick, heady, intelligent point guard with a great balance of playmaking and three-level scoring. This is nothing new, as Willis displayed these abilities throughout the summer and was expected to perform at an equally high level throughout the current season. He’s great at breaking down opposing defenses, making quality decisions, and outworking his assignment on both ends of the floor. Willis has all the tools and intangibles to succeed at the next level.

6’4 ’21 Charlie Hester

No team can be truly successful without a glue-guy or multifaceted player, and that’s where Hester makes his mark. His well-rounded skillset and unselfish approach allow him to affect all facets of the game within the flow of the team. Hester defends, rebounds, scores efficiently, and makes smart decisions with the ball in his hands. He plays with a high motor and consistently shows a willingness to make the hustle plays. Hester offers a vital presence to this group and should continue finding success at the next level. 

6’10 ’21 Quinton Scheuermann

The big man offers legitimate size as the primary interior presence for this group. Scheuermann is a steady on both ends of the floor, displaying touch around the basket, passing ability, and defensive understanding. He moves well for his size, alters shots at a solid rate, and runs the floor effectively in transition. Scheuermann operates nicely within the team concept and should have various suitors at the next level. 

6’3 ’23 Lance Gill

Although one of the youngest players on this roster, Gill is extremely effective and plays a vital role for this group. He’s long, athletic, and versatile on both ends of the floor, able to score in a variety of ways offensively while guarding multiple positions defensively. Gill does a little bit of everything for this group and is able to actively toggle between playing in a condensed role or expanding his production based on team need. He’s a great rebounder, displays feel, and consistently makes plays in transition. It’s still early, but Gill is definitely one for coaches to monitor. 

6’8 ’21 Adriel De La Rosa

Given their heavy amount of guards, De La Rosa has carved out a quality role as a high-motor big man with size, strength, and toughness inside the paint. He’s a solid finisher and rebounder with nice fluidity and the ability to run the floor well in transition. De La Rosa shows a willingness to make the hustle plays and pursue loose balls whenever available. He should be able to carve out a useful role at the next level. 

5’10 ’21 Jaden Quick

The scrappy, heady Quick adds another tough two-way presence to this group. He operates within the flow of the team, initiating the offense, cutting without the ball, and offering great energy defensively. Quick makes an impact in transition and highlights team-oriented decisions with the ball in his hands.

6’1 ’21 Xzavier Ivey

Another new addition, Ivey is a heady guard with capable penetration instincts and playmaking abilities. He’s a solid defender with a quality motor and operates well within the team structure on both ends of the floor. Ivey should be able to carve out a useful role for the Falcons throughout the current season. 

6’5 ’24 Bryson Cokley

As we documented yesterday, Cokley continues to solidify his case as one of the top freshmen prospects in North Carolina. He’s already a focal point for this group, highlighting impressive fluidity and two-way versatility for his size and age. Cokley handles the ball well, shoots the ball at a quality percentage, and makes plays effectively off the bounce. He’s a quality athlete and will only continue to get better with time, but is worth noting immediately.