5’10 ’23 Corey Gaines (Team Relentless)

Between his time at Chambers and Gaston Christian, folks should already know about Gaines and everything he brings to the table. He’s a tough, scrappy, high-motor guard prospect who hits jumpers at a high clip and understands how to effectively set the tone on both ends of the floor. Gaines clearly stood out as a leader for this group, dictating the offense, creating for others, and consistently overwhelming his assignment on defense. While he doesn’t possess a ton of size, Gaines is the type of smart, rugged, team-oriented player who will win a lot of games at the next level. 

6’6 ’23 Rashad McCormick (Phenom ESA)

Although there isn’t much buzz currently surrounding his name, McCormick should have a lot more suitors at the next level. He’s a long, explosive forward prospect with great fluidity, toughness, and overall instincts. McCormick applies nonstop pressure at the rim, able to play through contact and consistently finish above anyone in his path, but can also knock down jumpers at a respectable clip. His motor, athleticism, and rebounding sense make him an absolute problem for opponents on both ends of the floor. McCormick is also a useful shot-blocker and willing passer. He should see an uptick in his recruitment sooner than later. 

6’2 ’23 Jahreece Lynch (NC Spartans)

The Spartans faced a lot of adversity throughout the summer, but ultimately concluded their travel ball season with a notable showing from Lynch. He’s a strong, physical, athletic wing prospect with toughness and a clear willingness to do the dirty work whenever possible. Lynch is a strong downhill penetrator who can reliably finish, set up others, and knock down jumpers at a solid clip. However, Lynch’s defensive presence is what allowed him to shine in their final game. He commanded and embraced an extremely difficult defensive assignment, and single-handedly altered the game as a direct result. Lynch has the tools to be an asset for various programs. 

6’4 ’24 Desmond Kent (Crossover Elite)

There are a lot of valuable pieces for Central Cabarrus, but Kent might be the biggest returning x-factor outside of their primary four (Thompson, Bullock, Daniel (x2)). He’s a long, wiry, blossoming forward prospect with useful inside-out ability. Kent is a solid athlete who moves very well for his size and displays great instincts on both ends of the floor. He finishes, rebounds, and alters shots very well around the basket. Kent can knock down jumpers at a nice clip, but doesn’t necessarily look to force the action or play outside of the team structure. His active, unselfish game should make him an extremely valuable piece going forward. 

6’7 ’24 Mason Smith (Phenom ESA)

The Phenom ESA squad was quietly among the more entertaining teams on display at our Summer Finale, and Smith highlighted a lot of enticing flashes throughout the weekend. He’s a long, wiry, fairly skilled post prospect with touch and floor-spacing ability. Smith is mobile, active, and makes his presence consistently felt on either side of the ball. He rebounds well, alters shots defensively, and can score the ball in various ways. Smith also runs the floor well in transition, and doesn’t necessarily require a ton of touches in order to make an impact. He should have a definite place at the next level.