Over the past month, we’ve seen QCAA and their talent-laden roster perform extremely well despite a variety of different obstacles. Things began looking bleak when Joseph Ferrante went down with an injury, but there were more than enough capable prospects to stay afloat and maintain their success. Add in the loss of AJ Hamrick, and it was starting to take a turn for the worse. However, everyone stepped up their individual game and haven’t seemed to miss a step in the process. Jack Carter is still running the show, Peyton Gerald controlling the interior and stepping out when necessary, Chas Stinson is producing in every facet of the game, Jimmy Mitchell is a capable shot-maker and secondary ball-handler, while Danny McKay rebounds and does a lot of the dirty work. This leaves Lucas Heckaman–arguably the most unassuming player on the roster–who has shined as a leader and consistently productive piece over the last few weekends. 

Though Heckaman stands at a lengthy 6-foot-7, he’s somewhat wiry and doesn’t necessarily appear like a player who is about to absolutely annihilate the opposition. That being said, Heckaman has been nothing short of dominant since the loss of the aforementioned duo. He’s scored in every way imaginable, from posting-up to spacing the floor from distance to operating off the bounce, and has done so with poise and efficiency. Heckaman is very skilled and versatile for his size, possessing a fluid perimeter skillset and the ability to adjust his approach based on assignment or surrounding teammates. He’s a reliable three-point shooter with a willingness to attack off the dribble, where he’s able to finish or make sharp passes to open or cutting teammates. Heckaman is also a great rebounder and defender with a clear understanding of how to utilize his length to force turnovers, alter shots, and simply disrupt the opposition. Right now, his recruitment is still just beginning to surface but that feels likely to change sooner than later. Between his physical tools and off-the-charts production, numerous programs should be vying for Heckaman’s services at the next level.