Tyler Gill “The Quest for Academic, Athletic and Spiritual Greatness”

5’11 2021 Tyler Gill is everything you like about a basketball player,  student athlete, and as a young man. We’ve had numerous opportunities to watch, evaluate and observe Tyler Gill and each time we have come away impressed. Last season as a sophomore, Gill averaged 14.2 PPG, 4.8 APG, 4.3 RPG, and an impressive 3 SPG for Trinity Academy of Raleigh. First of all, Gill is a high academic, high character, and strong in his faith young man. He excels on the basketball court, the classroom and the game of life.

At our recent ENC Phenom 150 camp, Gill dazzled us with his play on both ends of the court. We stated, “too often, we judge a player by his offensive production and yes, 5’11 Tyler Gill is an efficient and effective “offensive” point guard. He is jet quick and has a burst of speed in the open court and gets to the rim as fast as any point guard in the state regardless of class. In addition, Gill does an excellent job of changing speeds with the hesitation dribble and the stop and go. He is constantly getting opposing defenders off balance and gets them out of defensive position. These are all strong attributes, but it was his defensive abilities that made the greatest impression. We’re talking about a “ball hawking point guard that will pick you up the length of the court. Gill has strong, powerful legs and sports tremendous lateral quickness which makes him one of the better two-way guards in the state for his class.” https://youtu.be/IplaFcAHZWg

In our Phenom evaluation of Tyler Gill, we have often stated he is one of the most impressive all around “on ball” defenders in the state. While some pundits will deem Gill is somewhat undersized, what he lacks in height, he more than makes up with his big heart, tremendous work ethic, speed and athleticism. Simply put, he’s the type of young man that is easy to pull for and rightfully so. He has his priorities set and his blue-collar approach to the game is impressive. Gill can score from all three levels, can get to the rim with ease, and brings a “team first” approach to the game. In addition, his defensive presence can be game-changing.

Simply stated, Tyler Gill checks all the boxes that college coaches want in a student athlete. He does things the right way. Gill works equally hard in the classroom as on the basketball court. He’s a model citizen and has tremendous faith. Entering his junior season, look for a big season for the talented Gill as he continues his journey and quest for academic, athletic and spiritual greatness. He’s on the right track and college coaches need to closely monitor his growth and development as soon as possible.

2018 Season Highlights Link: http://krossover.clipro.tv/Player/Player2.aspx?videoUserId=19218