The idea of potential is a great tool to utilize for theoretical or hypothetical situations, but it doesn’t actually serve a purpose in the present day. Generally speaking, most freshman struggle to assert themselves but tend to find their path to success by the start of their sophomore season. Whether it has to do with ability, competition, or another circumstance, it just seems more difficult for young players to have the necessary confidence to succeed. Hopefully, things remain consistent for Dice Royster at Wesleyan Christian Academy, as he rapidly approaches his sophomore season. 

During camps and travel ball season, high-level flashes have been somewhat of a common occurrence for Royster. There was some amount of disconnect during the high school season, but he certainly has the tools and ability to fit in perfectly alongside their senior-led group of Isaiah Ray, Aisaiah Phillips, and Kade Darr. Set to be the lone interior presence, Royster should be something of a matchup problem if utilized correctly. He has quality perimeter skills for his size, able to pass, dribble, and shoot, but also displays a willingness to hustle and fight for rebounds within the paint. Royster runs the floor well in transition and could become a very versatile defender over the coming years.

Although he should rise in the pecking order, Royster will still have ample time to establish his true identity while becoming the Trojans’ future leader. Things should become drastically different after the departure of the three aforementioned seniors, as Royster learns how to emerge as the focal point.