6'8 2020 Nick McMullen Roberson/ E. Guilford
Athletic forward prospect, McMullen has serious bounce and he
doesn't need much room to take off. McMullen is an ideal new age
pick N roll big, he can go up and get lobs off the roll or pop out for
the elbow jumper.
McMullen blocked a couple of shots throughout the day, he covers a
lot of ground with his lateral quickness and length. McMullen is still
raw but he has two years to find a position and iron out the kinks.

6'1 2020 Jilil Michael Roberson/Burlington School
Michael is a bulldog on the floor he attacks the basket strong and
makes the defense foul him. Michael was smart with the basketball,
he doesn't force the issue and rarely commits turnovers.
Michael has poise beyond his years and he carries a noticeable chip
on his shoulder out there.

6'0 2019 Landon Sutton Cooper/HPCA
Sutton played well off ball alongside other point guards and picked
his spots wisely on the floor. Sutton is always in constant movement
whether he's coming off screens or making cuts. Sutton has a quick
tricker and only needs a smidget of space to get a shot off.
Sutton handled the ball well and showed true lead guard skills
throughout the camp. Sutton's versatility will be extremely valuable
to HPCA this season.

6'7 2020 Tavis Bridges Horton/Starmount
Bridges was another athletic wing on display Saturday, he is a
walking double – double at this stage. Bridges can bang down low or
draw his man out with his shooting touch. Bridges proved to be a
mismatch on Saturday, Bridges scored over smaller defenders and
blew past slower bigs to the cup.
Bridges will get cleanup points, his activity on the boards will earn
Starmount extra possessions this season. Bridges can also serve as a
rim protector and anchor the paint.