Name: 'Trey Smith Landrum High School / Mooresville Magic 17U

Position: 'Guard ''''Height: '6'0 Weight: 162 lbs Class: 2019 '''''''

GPA: '4.72 ''''Core GPA: '3.93 '''''ACT: Waiting On Results
Awards / Accomplishments: '2x Allstate, 2x Region Player of the year, 3x All region, 2,033 Career Points. 'He has started 93 straight games. His career record is 76-28.

Address: 310 Limbwood Court, Boiling Springs, SC 29316
Email: '


Trey Smith 2019 PG Landrum HS / Mooresville Magic

14-15 15 273 10.5 1.8 1.3 1.2 44 53 38 55 76 1.18
15-16 25 331 13.2 4.6 2.2 2.2 40 41 40 60 84 2.75
16-17 27 700 25.1 4.7 4.3 3.1 48 53 42 69 84 2.33
17-18 26 729 28.0 4.8 4.0 3.5 53 56 48 91 86 3.35


Coaches Comments:

Trey has a passion for the game and the work ethic to be the best he can be. 'The kid works on his game DAILY on the court, speed/agility, and in the weight room. 'You cannot keep him out of the gym. He has a 4.72 GPA and is a high character kid. He is a coaches dream. 'His numbers listed above tell the story of his hard work and determination to be the best. His shooting % displays how much time he spends in the gym. 'Each year he improves, and he continues to lead his team to many wins and region championships. He is very underrated (because of his size) but once you see his skill set, you will love him. 'He has a high basketball IQ, unlimited range, and a great mid-range 'elevated' jump shot with a quick release to get his shot off against bigger defenders. He can also finish in heavy traffic around the basket. 'He has great floor vision with elite passing skills! We invite any Coach to stop by at Landrum and watch him workout. It will change your mindset towards this skilled player.


Junior Year Highlight Clips Displaying Skill Set:

1st AAU Tourney March 17-18th Highlight Clips

Game Film #1 vs 8A Creekside (Fl.) (Red Uniform #1)

Game Film #2 vs Aiken (4A SC) Top 5 (White Uniform #1)

Game Film #3 vs Keenan (SC) (White Uniform #1)


Summer Schedule: 'Trey will be playing AAU with the Mooresville Magic this summer. 'His schedule is listed below .

Feel free to reach out to his High School or AAU Coach with questions or more information.
Coach Lyn Smith (Landrum HS) 864-415-4487 or
AAU Coach: 'Wayne Parris (980)-722-1883


2018 Mooresville Magic

Dates Tournament City _ State
April 13-15 Queen City Showcase '''''Charlotte NC
April 20-22 Phenom Challenge. '''''''''Spartanburg SC
April 27-29 Adidas Gauntlet Qualifier 'Atlanta GA
May 18-20 Bob Gibbons TOC '''''''' Atlanta '''''''''''GA
May 26-28 Adidas Memorial Day '''''''Atlanta GA
July 11-13 Adidas Gauntlet Silver '''''New York NY
'''' Championship
July 18-20 JMAC Showcase ''''''''Greensboro '''''NC
July 20-22 CP3 Live ''''''''Greensboro '''''NC
July 25-29 AAU Showcase ''''''''Orlando '''''''''FL ''''
AAU Coach: 'Wayne Parris (980)-722-1883