6’3 Kenny Noland (Apex Friendship)

After enjoying an extremely productive summer, Noland continues to rise up the rankings with his smooth, well-rounded skillset and approach. He plays with a calm demeanor and offers knockdown three-point shooting with creation skills and the ability to spot-up or attack closeouts. Noland moves effectively without the ball, defends nicely for his position, and makes a consistent impact in transition. He understands how to impact the game within the flow of the action, rarely forcing the action or operating outside of the team concept. Noland simply offers a steady, reliable presence in all possible settings. 

6’5 Tyler Lundblade (Greensboro Day)

Despite being the lone transfer on this list, Lundblade also enters North Carolina as the most productive player of the group. He possesses size, skill, and the ability to score in a strong variety of ways. Lundblade places emphasis on efficiency and finds opportunities within the flow of the team, but can also take over when necessary. He shoots the ball well despite having somewhat unorthodox mechanics. Lundblade offers useful secondary ball-handling ability, rebounds at a nice rate, and defends well for his position, which should generate a lot of buzz going forward. 

6’1 Bradlee Haskell (Pinecrest)

Per our rankings, Haskell is the top unsigned lead guard available in North Carolina. He’s smart, tough, physical, and understands how to properly run a team on both ends of the floor. Haskell is a great leader, both emotionally and by example, and looks to make the right play whenever possible. He’s a quality downhill penetrator with craftiness and a quick first step, which allows him to enter the paint and finish or make plays for others. Haskell is also a reliable perimeter shooter with toughness and defensive prowess. He should be a coveted asset over the coming months. 

6’2 Javonte Waverly (Henderson Collegiate)

True point guards have become somewhat of a dying breed, but Waverly continues to carry the torch in a poised, unselfish manner in all possible settings. He’s smart and leads by example, highlighting toughness and setting the tone on both ends of the floor. Waverly is a great on-ball defender with excellent anticipation instincts, which allows him to force turnovers with regularity and effortlessly push the break in transition. He’s a brilliant passer with incredible timing and the ability to reliably set up teammates in easy scoring positions. Waverly elevates his teammates on a nightly basis and should receive appropriate attention going forward. 

6’9 Jacori Owens (Combine Academy)

It’s only fitting that the defensive-minded Combine Academy has someone like Owens, who places clear emphasis on that end of the floor. It’s somewhat uncommon to find big men with the ability to take charges and protect the rim, but Owens certainly fits the bill. He moves well for his size, runs the floor hard in transition, and finishes effectively around the basket. Owens doesn’t require a ton of offensive touches to make his presence felt, usually maximizing alley-oops and second-chance opportunities. Like the previous group, he should have plenty of opportunities at the next level.