6'7 Saiquone Harris (Word of God)

In terms of raw talent, there is no real questions surrounding Harris and his massive long-term upside. At 6-foot-7, he's undeniably skilled for his size with athleticism, toughness, and useful offensive versatility. Harris handles the ball well, displays solid vision, and actively mixes up his approach as a three-level scorer. He's great in transition and utilizes his length effectively to alter shots and force turnovers. Harris naturally causes matchup problems with his combination of size and skillset, which should only continue to make him an enticing target for next-level coaches. 

6'9 Joseph Ferrante (South Mecklenburg)

There still seems to be questions surrounding Ferrante and his ability to succeed at the next level, which simply doesn't make sense at this point. We've utilized literally every possible measure to highlight how he possesses the makings of an above-average Division I prospect. Due to last year's South Mecklenburg team playing at one of the slowest paces in the state, Ferrante's numbers just didn't pop off the page. However, his time with QCAA and under Gary Hall has only further solidified the notion that folks are flat-out wrong about Ferrante. He should hold offers from every high-academic institution, as he has both the grades and ability. 

6'9 Isaac Farah (Liberty Heights)

Due to playing previously in Indiana, there are still a lot of folks who aren't familiar with Farah and what he brings to the table. That being said, his size, athleticism, and continuous growth should have all types of Division I programs laying groundwork. He's a long, fluid forward/post prospect with touch, finishing ability, and excellent defensive prowess. Farah is a great rebounder, runs the floor properly in transition, and can actively adapt his approach based on team need. His reputation, or lack thereof, will ultimately make him a steal for the right program. 

6'3 Glynn Hubbard (Northside Christian)

Anyone who knows Hubbard is probably aware of his journey back from injury, which finally resulted in returning to the hardwood earlier in the summer. He's a fairly well-rounded guard prospect with the ability to actively affect all facets of the game or carrying the scoring load, whichever is necessary. Hubbard can create off the bounce, both for himself and others, and can apply pressure in a variety of different ways. He's also a pretty useful defender and rebounder for his size. 

6'2 Troy Mills (Quality Education)

For college coaches seeking out efficient scoring, Mills should be an obvious candidate worth pursuing. He's a long, wiry guard prospect with the ability to carry the offensive load or shine within his role as a secondary scorer. Mills can apply pressure from all three levels, showing his ability to create for himself or others while attacking the basket, spotting-up, and finding opportunities as an off-ball cutter. He displays IQ and operates well within the flow of the team on both ends of the floor. Mills can also initiate offense and force turnovers at a solid rate.