The high school season is slowly approach, but that isn't stopping players from committing early or finding new homes elsewhere within the landscape. From transfers alone, North Carolina's Class of 2023 has lost nearly a dozen of the top prospects to out-of-state high school programs (including five to California specifically). National powerhouses have certainly weakened talent-rich states like North Carolina, simply because there are so many appealing players for the taking. It's not a negative thing, but rather a reaffirmation of the talent within the Hoopstate itself. Add in various guys who have (smartly) opted to commit early, and the top prospects are slowly dwindling. However, there are still a lot of names who should appeal to next-level coaches. Let's take a closer look at a few (also, this will exclude a select few who just entered the state) '

6'4 Silas Demary Jr. (Combine Academy)

There should be no surprises here, as Demary is clearly the top uncommitted prospect in North Carolina. Not only has he continually trended upward, but the guard prospect has generated a ton of buzz in every possible basketball setting over the last six months. Demary's a smart, balanced, well-rounded player with no real weaknesses on either end of the floor. He knows how to make an impact with or without the ball in his hands. No matter the context, location, or surrounding teammates, Demary has produced. This is nothing new, as he's been on a nonstop tear since his final season at Millbrook. Now holding nearly twenty offers (with a slew of high-major programs included), he has the largest current offer sheet of anyone in North Carolina's Class of 2023. Regardless of who Combine Academy ultimately brings in, Demary will be a clear leader for the Goats throughout the coming months. 

6'3 Derin Saran (Asheville School)

Clearly the top true point guard in the state, Saran's recruitment should start picking back up sooner than later. He came into the summer with two offers and minimal buzz, but that would soon change. It didn't take long for scouts, spectators, and college coaches to be legitimately wowed by Saran and his incredibly poised, passer-friendly approach to the game. His IQ, pace, playmaking instincts, and understanding of how to consistently create for others are clearly what separate him from other floor generals. Saran is also a solid defender with the ability to force turnovers and push transition play with relative ease. If his perimeter shooting continues to improve, he could easily collect another dozen offers. Either way, Saran and the Asheville School should bring a lot of excitement to the scene during the upcoming season.'

6'5 Bryce Cash (Carmel Christian)

Even though he recently collected an offer from Siena, Cash's recruitment still remains incredibly perplexing. It's difficult to understand what, if anything, he has to do in order to receive appropriate recruitment from Division I coaches. As a smart, strong, unselfish, well-rounded wing with defensive prowess, rebounding ability, and an adaptable skillset, his lack of scholarships is genuinely unexplainable. Cash is a capable initiator with quality vision, patience, and body control, which allows him to comfortably pick his spots while actively setting up others whenever possible. He's also capable of playing without the ball in his hands, where he's proven to be a proficient cutter and reliable spot-up threat. Cash rebounds like a big, effortlessly defends three positions, and plays within himself (and the team concept) at all times. After improving as a three-point shooter (in addition to everything else he already provides), there's no real justification for his lack of opportunities. At this point, Cash will be a steal for a very lucky program. 

6'10 Domas Kauzonas (Rabun Gap)

Although it might be slightly bending the rules, Kauzonas is still considered a 'North Carolina' prospect despite playing in Georgia. Either way, it's easy to see the appeal with the skilled big man. Given our viewing during his recent high school season, it was confusing as to why he didn't hold any offers. At 6-foot-10, Kauzonas possesses touch, length, post ability, and perimeter shooting. He moves well for his size, alters/blocks shots at a nice rate, and rebounds effectively on both ends of the floor. Kauzonas utilizes his length well to finish and disrupt opponents defensively. He displays nice vision, especially for his size, and plays hard on either side of the ball. Kauzonas collected a trio of offers between July and August, and should only continue trending upward over the foreseeable future. 

6'11 Callum Richard (Gaston Day)

After watching the entire arc of his development as a player, Richard's overall progression over the years has been something to see. The tools were always evident, even as a young middle-school prospect, and he's worked tirelessly to improve since then. Richard has only continued to hone his foundation as a long, wiry big man who clearly knows how to make his post presence felt from the low block. His body should only continue to add strength over the coming years, but his touch, feel, and steady interior presence already allow him to make a lasting impression. Richard prefers to set up in the post, but can operate from the elbows or space the floor if necessary. He rebounds and blocks shots well, and runs the floor hard in transition. Currently holding six offers, folks should expect Richard to collect more throughout the course of the high school season.