By: Tommy Michaels

This weekend at the JMAC Showcase in Fort Mill, SC there was an immense talent pool ranging from 12U to 17U. I was stationed at Nation Ford High School and took in over 15 games throughout the weekend. Here are some of the standouts, in no particular order, that made an impression on me. Let’s get into it!

Yaturi Bolton (6’4 2021 G – Lowcountry Bulldogs)

Bolton’s length and maturity is what really stood out to me. He is a long and athletic guard who has a tight handle and keeps the ball on a string. Rebounds the ball at an extremely high rate for his position and he can guard multiple. Excellent in the dribble drive and was able to finish at and above the rim with either hand. As Bolton, who is only a sophomore, continues to develop, I see scholarship written all over him as his length and natural instincts are hard to look over.

Trey Hubbard (6’2 2021 G – Team United 2021)

Hubbard is a leader and a winner and he proved that once again this weekend as he led his team to a 4-0 record and a championship. The lefty does a great job of putting pressure on defenses by driving downhill and getting into the lane. He does an excellent job dictating pace and getting his hands into passing lanes on the defensive side as well. Probes in the lane and makes timely decisions with the ball. Coaches should be all on this dude, ASAP.

Tony Waters (5’11 2021 G – Team Charlotte 16U)

Waters was another player who was phenomenal all weekend long as he had two scoring outbursts in which he scored 20+ point against Team United and Team Winston, two great programs. Waters makes all the right plays with the ball in his hands and is a bonafide three level scorer and can fill it up quick. On top of that, he is an excellent facilitator and gets his guys the ball in spots where they can be successful. Waters is a guy who can lead any team and be productive at all levels.

Jordan Williams (6’4 2020 F – Greensboro Warriors)

Williams is a guy who plays his role very well. His mid-post game is outstanding and he simply knows how to get to spots where he can be successful. Good passer out of the post and showed he could handle the ball against pressure as well. Ultimate winner who gets things done on both ends and attacks the basket well, finishing with either hand. An overlooked player who coaches need to start taking notice in.

Mekhi Townes (6’6 2020 F – Juice All-Stars 17U Stephenson)

Simply put, Townes is an entire load on the low block. Wide frame makes it easy for him to shed defenders and finish around the basket. Pair that with excellent footwork and soft hands and you have an ideal post player. Showcased an array of post moves including quick spins, drop steps and a step through that was very effective. Anyone looking for a low post player who knows how to work and rebound needs to be beating on Townes’ door.

Trevon Williams (6’1 2020 G – DTA Elite)

Williams added to his already breakout spring with an outstanding showing this weekend. Williams is an extremely explosive guard who can elevate in a hurry and has no problem finishing over defenders, as he did on a two handed posterizing alley-oop. He is far more than just an athlete though. Williams is a pure scorer and can do it from all over the floor: three point, elbow pull-ups and around the rim. I foresee his recruiting to take off, as a 26-point outing against Team Charlotte 17U is hard to look over.

Trayden Williams (6’0 2020 G – Team Charlotte 17U)

When looking at Williams game, it is hard to find a real flaw. He has great vision and doesn’t turn the ball over. He can shoot the rock from deep and effectively penetrates into the teeth of the defense, making good reads and decisions with the ball. On top of that he can pick opponents pockets and lead a fast break to perfection. A true winner, Williams is on track to finish out this summer strong and have a fantastic senior season.

Khalil Marshall (6’0 2022 G – Team CP3 2022)

Marshall was outstanding this weekend in leading a load Team CP3 squad. Marshall can take over a game with his pressure defense and killer mentality on the offensive end. He never takes a play off and has a non-stop motor. I would be hard pressed to find a more productive floor general around than Marshall. Timely decision maker, lightning quick athlete who can finish at the rim and hounds defenders on the defensive end. Going forward eyes should be watching Marshall VERY closely.

Kheni Briggs (6’4 2022 G – Team CP3 2022)

It is hard to define the position that Briggs plays because he uses his frame so well in a number of ways. He is too big for smaller defenders to match up with him, but he has quickness and speed to blow by bigger, slower defenders. He plays the game the right way and has no problem putting defenders on a poster, as he did this weekend. Every time I watch Briggs play he wows me and does something I haven’t seen him do before. Big time talent.

RJ Noord (6’4 2021 G – Team United 2021)

Noord was a terror at the off guard position. An elite athlete who will get down and defend at a high level. Excels in transition as he runs the floor well, fills lanes properly and finishes at a high clip above the rim. A scorer who proved he can knock down the three, Noord has all the tools in his bag and uses them effectively. Doesn’t force the issue but rather plays well within the framework of the offense. Holds a Xavier offer and I expect more to rush in.