Team Power Red 14U

5’7 2023 G Jayden Pitt
Pitt showed a scoring ability beyond his years. Able to put the ball in the basket in a number of ways including the three ball and finishing through contact on tough layups. Despite his size, Pitt has the chance to blossom into a bonafide three level scorer as he continues to develop.

Flight 22 14U

5’11 2023 G Amare Bethel
The length and maturity that Bethel plays with is impressive. Tough guard who doesn’t get sped up and plays with a chip on his shoulder on both sides of the ball. On top of that he is a great passer and showed it by getting the ball to his guys on time and on target, often through tight spaces.

Carolina Knights 11/12 17U

6’2 2019 G Nasir Johnson
Johnson is an unsigned senior who plays the game with such ease and flow. Almost never gets rushed and can put the ball in the basket in a number of ways. In particular, he had the midrange working and made a lot of tough shots. Unsigned senior who is coachable and a bucket getter.

6’1 2019 G LJ Rogers
Rogers plays with tremendous change of pace which makes it hard for defenders to decipher what he is about to do. Can shoot the three ball well and has no problem finishing at and above the rim. Another unsigned guard on this Knights team who have proven they have next level talent.

Juice All-Stars 17U – Telfair

6’7 2020 F Zach Shumate
Shumate was working, as usual, on both ends of the floor. Tough as nails competitor who takes charges, rebounds, will do the dirty work and can stretch the defense out to three. An ideal stretch four who has serious next level ability and is a true team guy.

5’10 2020 G Jahsiah Hawkins-Davis
Hawkins-Davis plays with a contained rage. Shifty point guard who can knife through opposing defenses with ease. Not only that, but he has no problem defending opposing teams’ best players. His elite quickness allows him to stay in front of defenders defensively and can blow by people on offense.

Team Felton 14U

6’0 2023 G Treymane Parker
Parker is an explosive athlete and proved it as he threw down two two-handed dunks in the early session. Very mature player who showcases a tight handle and a variety of dribble moves to shake himself free from opposing defenses. A really high level talent who will be one to watch, for sure, moving forward

6’1 2023 G Alik Lewis
Lewis was scoring at will and has no problem pulling and making from beyond the three-point line. The poise and presence that he brings to the floor with his shot making ability and leadership, makes things easy for his teammates. Another young guy at this event who people should keep tabs on.

Team Loaded 704 14U – Wilson

6’5 2023 F Spencer Mermans
The play of Mermans was hard to go unnoticed. He plays with a ton of energy and was swallowing any rebound in his vicinity. Strong build and uses it to his advantage on both ends of the floor. Good passer out of the post and plays under control on the block. Big things to come as he is just an 8th grader.

Manzer 17U

5’10 2020 G James Marques
Marques has an extremely pure jump shot. He can lull you to sleep with a variety of dribble moves is capable out to 23 feet. Crafty with the ball in transition when finishing or dishing to teammates. Smart player who knows how to read passing lanes and plays within the flow of the game.

CEBA 2020 – Massey

6’4 2020 G Jesse Walters
Walters has a lot of attributes that make his game intriguing. The lead guard has a nice handle and the ability to pass with either hand. Along with his passing ability, Walter possesses a nice jump shot and is a certified three level scorer. High IQ player with next level ability.

6’5 2020 W Jalen Mcafee-Marion
Mcafee-Marion had somewhat of a breaking out party. Long and athletic wing who does so many little things for his team. Dynamic defender who can guard 1-4 and showed he has an advanced offensive skillset. Moving forward, eyes should be on Jalen as he continues to hone his craft.

NC Empire 17U – Perry

6’4 2020 G MJ Wilkerson
Wilkerson makes his presence felt every time he touches the court, especially on the defensive end. High flying guard who has improved his offensive package and can score from deep and is so effective in transition. Vocal leader who competes hard on both ends and is going to make someone at the next level very happy.

DTA Elite 17U

6’7 2021 F Omarion Bodrick
Bodrick is a serious talent and is prime for a breakout year. Above the rim type athlete who is long and effects shots on the defensive end. Throw it by the rim and he is liable to catch it and put it on your head. Still has some developing to do on his jumper but when he pulls it all together, man does this dude has star potential.

6’1 2020 G Trevon Williams
Williams has elite athleticism and will rise up in a hurry. The lead guard has good vision and loves to get out and run in transition. Can shoot the ball from deep as well and plays with a ton of poise on both ends. A really fun player to watch and he will continue to entertain at the next level.