Another great day in the HoopState is upon us and another great day of basketball over here at Apex Friendship Team Camp featuring some RDU area public school which consistently feature a lot of high level talent.' Here are the three to know from day one of action over here.

6’0 2020 Isaac Sinclair: Chapel Hill HS

Sinclair has been one of the more fun kids to watch and track throughout the spring and early summer due to the way in which he carries himself on and off the court.' He’s one of the most charismatic young hoopers I’ve come across in my time around the AAU/High School scene.' He’s extremely methodical in the way he attacks a defense, understanding different strengths and weaknesses of each opponent, leading to high level, consistent production.' He told me that American University called him right after midnight last night and he expects their recruiting of him to pick up over the course of the live period in July.

6’5 2021 Sam Perez: Middle Creek HS

Perez found a way to get some minutes on a super young Middle Creek team last year that squeaked its way back into the playoffs for the 12th consecutive season last year.' He possesses great length to go with a sweet shooting stroke that all defenses need to respect, leading to opportunities for Perez to attack off the dribble.' Perez is a rare case for a kid his size, he shot over 50% from three last year, but his inside game is what has improved the most since the end of the season, he’s starting to get more comfortable attacking off the dribble and posting up.' Look for Perez to bulk up a little bit and become a consistent high level producer for the Mustangs next season.

6’6 2020 Nick Farrar: Apex Friendship HS

Farrar was far and away the best prospect in the gym today with the way he understands how to play the game.' He’s 6’6 with an incredible frame to play on the block, with the skillset to step outside and hit jumpers with anyone in the area.' Knowing how to set good screens, then pick or pop out to the perimeter depending on the matchup and the defense is something that doesn’t come around too often at this age for a prospect.' He told me he heard from multiple schools since midnight and expect him to have a huge summer with Big Shots Elite.' He is without a doubt the anchor offensively and defensively for what should be a really fun Apex Friendship group next season.