his was one of our very first AAU events created. It started off with a bang and the event has not slowed down yet. Phenom's Summer Grind provides programs a great opportunity to get ready for the July Live Period. Not only are they able to play, as a team, against competition but they also can start getting their names circulating in front of college coaches.

At every Phenom Hoops event (both live and non-live) nationally read media as well as NCAA certified scouts are in attendance. College reports, social media and web media are all utilized to its fullest. Here are some players who are heading into the July Live Period with huge momentum…

6'3' 2019 Caleb Mills
Team Vision 17s

By most accounts Mills was the standout player of the event. Blessed with great length and an easy offensive feel, Mills was motivated to put up numbers at all 3 levels. Mills has a nice handle of the ball, able to play on the ball in the half and full court. He scores at all 3 levels but is also an adept passer, with good court vision. Mills was one of the leading scorers in event averaging around 23 points per game. Already holding a Winthrop offer, expect more to come in July – only a 2019, it is easy to see his projectability.

6'7' 2019 Brice Williams
Team Loaded 704 16s

Always having upside and projectability, Williams has really started to put it all together over the last 8 months. Having long arms and a nice handle, Williams showed aggression on the offensive end here. He started off the day in the short corner, as the day progress he slid out to the high post and wing and as the day ended he was playing on the ball. With this size and athleticism mixed with his skill set and ability Williams is able to play all over the floor, based on matchups. Having two years left in high school, we are eager to see where his game goes now that his confidence is there. College coaches are urged to watch closely, and get in before the blow up happens (because it will).

6'2' 2019 Drew Greene
High Point Havoc 17s

Greene has been a name we have known for years, he has been coming to Phenom events since middle school. It has been great to watch his progression, and it has all been because of an incredible work ethic. Greene is strong and has a nice frame. He is able to play both on and off the ball, especially in the High Point Havoc's spread sets. What set Greene apart during Phenom's Summer Grind was his ability to defend the ball. Greene picked up a Campbell offer last week, playing up at 17u with this team we expect him to really shine bright during July. Watch the offer list grow.

6'5' 2018 Blake Buchanan
Carolina Flyers 17s

Buchanan remains tucked away no longer. We have watched him six times in June and have walked away impressed every time. He plays with an incredibly high IQ, offensively playing the 1-4 on any given possession. He has range that extends beyond the 3-point line. He has vision that helps him bring the ball up in certain sets and matchups. He rebounds hard and is more bouncy, in straight lines, than you may think. This July, expect Buchanan to be a triple/double threat each time he steps on the floor. We will be very eager to watch where his recruitment falls, he has a unique nature to his game.

6'4' 2020 Avery Keller
Team Vision 16s

This was our first time watching Keller. We were very familiar with his brother Anderson, a rising freshman at Lincoln Memorial, so we know he comes from a great basketball family. The younger Keller has all the tools and skills. The lefty has great vision and is more athletic than you think. He handles the ball, shoots the ball and dunks on you. To imagine him only being a rising sophomore is scary, we are eager to watch him progress – College coaches, you should be too…