Today's 5 to Know
Championship Sunday
By Jamie Shaw

Championship Sunday is when the stars come out to shine and during the Grassroots Tip Off Live, they most certainly did. It is refreshing to see that championships still matter as the cream of the crop rose to the top here.

Here are Today’s 5 to Know from Championship Sunday.

6'5' 2021 Jalen McDonald
Boo Williams NC 15s

Even playing an age group up, it is hard to ignore the absolute talent which McDonald possesses. The lefty makes the game look so easy. He has great length and top level, quick twitch, explosion. However, his game is much more than just high flying dunks. He has range well beyond the 3-point line and he sees the floor very well. Watch for this name high up on Top 100 rankings for years to come.

6' 2020 Lawrence Frost
Team United RDU 15s

Frost makes the game easy for himself and others. He plays with great pace, which allows him to change speeds both quickly and controlled. He carries a stocky build, so he puts defenders on his hip and fights through the contact. Only a freshman, he has room to grown in his game but there is no denying his poise and his competitive nature. He will win a lot of games while in high school.

6'2' 2018 Daivien Williamson
Team Winston'

Williamson had a following of college coaches throughout the event, and Team Winston had a following of fans as well. Needless to say, there were a lot of eyes watching Williamson. On Championship Sunday he played his best basketball. Switching between the 1 and the 2 throughout the day, he showed an adept ability to get into the lane and a craftiness to finish at the rim. The slithery guard has some questions to answer in his game, but none of them revolve around the production he has had this year.

6' 2018 Junior Clay
Chattanooga Elite

Clay lived in the lane. He led his Chattanooga Elite team to the finals of the 17u ACC division where he took home a 20 point victory in the game. Clay lets the game come to him, not forcing anything but making winning plays. He has 3-level scoring ability and great vision as he gets into the paint and finds team mates. Clay is a winner and college coaches saw that this weekend. Expect a major recruiting pick up for the young man as D1s will enjoy his four years on camps.

6'2' 2018 Ramello Williams
Flight 22 Premier

Ramello Williams wins. He does all of the tough guy stuff on the court. People always seem to question Williams about what he is (positionally) or his size. However, everyone who watches always walks away impressed with his production. His game is easy to be impressed by, as he is a walking double/double and typically will defend the opposing teams best player. Williams wins ball games and scholarship level coaches need to come around on this fact.

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