Five names to know from the 16u ACC Bracket at the Phenom QC Showcase

What an event. The talent pool was incredible with numerous division 1 prospects throughout the event. On Championship Sunday we went over to watch the 16s ACC division at Vance High School. We were blown away by the amount of high level players and high level games taking place.

Here were some of the players who stood out the most on the day.

6'6' 2019 Juwan Gary
Team United EYBL

Juwan Gary is uniformly ranked among the nation's top 50 in his class. He is an extremely gifted offensive player, using great athleticism and touch. In this event he also showed off great defensive timing.

Myles Pierre

6'2' 2019 Myles Pierre
Team Charlotte

Myles is tough, both physically and mentally. He really defends well, in fact his defense was the catalyst for his offense success. He plays with great pace and he really did good work in the mid range, with his 1 and 2 dribble pull up game.

6'6' 2019 Audiese Toney
Team United EYBL

Toney is as versatile as they come. He has great length and a sturdy frame. His thing is he is able to see the floor so well. He is a great passer and knows how to get himself to his kill spots with efficiency. Toney is a good rebounder and tough wing defender. He will have a big summer, picking up numerous offers.

DeAngelo Epps

5'11' 2019 Mikey Dukes
Upward Stars SE
Dukes is a high level running back who already has numerous power-5 type offers. On the hardwood, is where his passion lies. He is a winner, a player that team rallies behind. Dukes is a tough 2-way guy, who is a terror on the ball. Offensively he has a natural pace as everything sets up He attacks the rim and showed ability in the middle game. Dukes will open eyes this summer, he is a winning PG.

6'5' 2019 DeAngelo Epps
Team Loaded 704
Epps is a unique type of talent. He was most comfortable on the ball, where he played great in the half court. He has natural vision and the size, at a lengthy 6'5', to easily see over the defense. We are not sure what position to slot him in, but it doesn't really matter. He is a 2-way playmaker who can get a team going with a lot of different looks.

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