Below is a list of the top players watched from the previous week of high school action.

Bobby Pettiford 6’1 2021 South Granville HS (Louisville Signee) 

OK3Sports coverage of the Phenom Queen City Showcase on Friday, July 24, 2020 at Rock Hill Sports and Event Center in Rock Hill, OK. Photo: OK3Sports/Olen C. Kelley III

Bobby is one of the best lead guards in the country. He is exceptional in transition. The quick, explosive point guard does a great job getting into the lane creating plays for himself and others. Even though he didn’t shoot great from the perimeter on Saturday, he has shown this year that he is more than capable by shooting above 40% from three. He is the type player that you want to lead your team. He finished the game scoring 28 of his teams 48 points on Saturday. 

Blane St. Clare 6’4 2021 Davidson Day (Army West Point Signee)

Blane is the type of player that you want to go war with every time. He is one of the best competitors we have seen. He plays exceptionally hard and plays the game the right way. He has a high basketball IQ. He does a little bit of everything on the court. He contests every shot around the rim and does a really good job rebounding for his size and position.

Oshae Fernanders 6’1 2023 Mt. Tabor 

Oshae is a versatile, skilled guard. He can score from all 3-levels. He does a tremendous job moving without the ball. He has a high basketball IQ. Oshae makes really good decisions with the ball in his hands. The sophomore plays with a lot of confidence. He uses his length really well defensively to get steals and deflections. 

Jamarien Peterkin 5’9 2023 Mt. Tabor 

Jamarien is a quick, shifty guard who does a great job controlling the tempo. He is an extremely confident shooter. He knocked in four 3’s Thursday night in their game vs. Parkland. He has the ability to impact both sides of the ball with his quickness and participation. 

Kendall Davis 6’1 2022 York Prep

Kendall has the ability to really run the show. He is in complete control of the game. He impacts the game on both sides of the ball. Kendall does an exceptional job defending on the ball causing teams to get sped up and turn it over. He is able to create plays for himself and others. He is the type of point guard you want to lead your team. 

Kory Davis 6’1 2022 York Prep

Kory does a tremendous job putting the ball in the basket. He gets out in transition and finishes well at the rim. He is a confident shooter from the perimeter. Him and his brother do a great job playing off one another. With his speed it is really difficult for defenders to keep him in front. 

Ben Burnham 6’7 2021 Carmel Christian (Winthrop Signee)

Ben Burnham has been lights out all year long. He didn’t disappoint when we watched him on Tuesday night. He finished the game with a triple double. He was magnificent from start to finish. He impacts the game on both sides of the ball. His skillset and athleticism cause him to be a mismatch nightmare. 

Justin Taylor 6’3 2022 Carmel Christian 

Justin was terrific in their game vs. Victory Christian. He did a tremendous job leading the way for Carmel Christian. Justin has a high basketball IQ. He makes all the right plays on the court. Justin has a pretty shot from the perimeter. He was aggressive all game getting to the rim and attacking in transition. 

Tajuan Simpkins 6’1 2022 Victory Christian 

Tajuan is a quick, explosive guard. He does a great job reading passing lanes and getting out in transition. His athleticism allows him to finish really well around the rim. Tajuan uses his shiftiness to create off the bounce and create for himself and others. Also, showed that he is more than capable of knocking down shots from the perimeter.

Jeremy Baker 6’4 2021 Liberty Heights 

Jeremy did a great job controlling the game in their overtime win vs. The Burlington School. He uses his body extremely well and is able to create separation off the bounce. He has shown exceptional leadership abilities especially when the score gets close for Liberty Heights. Tough, gritty player who gets after his opponent on the defensive side of the ball. 

Jamarii Thomas 6’0 2021 The Burlington School (UNCW Signee)

Jamarii has been a tremendous leader all season for TBS. He leads with his voice and by example. He scored his 1,000 point on Tuesday night. Jamarii is the head of the snake for TBS. He competes and brings toughness every time they play and is one of the most enjoyable players to watch.