The number of talented teams in the state of North Carolina is off the charts and it seems that almost every year, the number of teams that should be recognized at a national level increases.  You have teams like Combine Academy, Liberty Heights, Greensboro Day, and Moravian Prep all being in the discussion this year early on but it is time that The Burlington School gets their recognition at that level as well.

First of all, this has been a winning program for so many years, so this is nothing new… just look at the program’s record since 2013-14 season:

’13-14: 23-4
’14-15: 31-1
’15-16: 34-1
’16-17: 31-0
’17-18: 22-5
’18-19: 24-7
’19-20: 25-11
’20-21: 24-7

And they have started off the season 8-1 this season.  That is a combined record 222-37 and counting in that timeframe.  And it doesn’t look like that trend of 20+ wins is going to end any time soon.  Now, they have head coach Ryan Bernardi leading the charge for this team.  The passion, the energy, and the knowledge of the game at his age is somewhat incredible to think about.  And watching him over the years, he is a coach that truly cares about his players and wants to get the best out of them and they feed off of that.

This season (much like last year as well), the Spartans are loaded with talent and they have dominated much of their opponents on both sides of the ball.  The energy, much like their coach, is so much fun to watch and they come at you in waves, seemingly never letting up.  Whether it is the start of the game or in the fourth quarter of a blowout, this team plays with the same amount of energy.

And they have all the pieces that allow them to compete on a national level.  They have some of the top prospects in multiple classes in North Carolina, they have leaders stepping up, they have shooters on the floor, they have size in multiple positions, and they have good depth.

Players ’24 Zion Walker, ’24 Kobe George, ’23 Avion Pinner, ’22 Kheni Briggs, ’22 Shane Peterson, ’23 Michael Nwoko, ’22 Amare Miller, and others understand what is needed from them and all can step up when needed. But this is a team that also plays well together and understands what it takes to win. 

Off to a great start already, The Burlington School will have plenty of chances to make even more noise this year with a loaded schedule.  But if they continue to play like they have been playing, this team will be getting that national attention that they deserve… it is just a matter of time.