The annual matchup between the two national powers was a sight to see. The Phenom Hoops staff was four deep at the function and it was great to watch some meaningful basketball between two great teams. Hargrave ended up winning the first half with Oak Hill winning the second half, but let’s take a look at some takeaways for Oak Hill

  1. Cam Thomas is The Best Scorer in America

I’ve been watching high school basketball from an evaluation standpoint for around four years and Cam Thomas is the best scorer at the high school level I’ve seen since Coby White. His lethal arsenal of tricks includes unorthodox floaters, deep threes, crafty finishes at the cup, and the ability to get his shot off absolutely anywhere. He has a unique ability to make shots at a consistent rate that nobody else in the country. Oak Hill will be relying on him heavily to put up around 25-30 a night, but he appears to be up to the task.

2. KK Robinson is a great PG, but who else can handle the ball for this team?

 I mentioned in this same article about Hargrave yesterday that AJ James and KD Johnson were incredibly impactful at the top of the zone press. They found a way to force the ball out of KK Robinsons hands and force turnovers shortly thereafter that. Most teams aren’t going to press Oak Hill with the ferocity that Hargrave did, but a reliable secondary ball handler must emerge if Oak Hill wants to run through their national schedule. Darius Maddox, Evan Johnson, and Cam Thomas are all guys that could possibly emerge as that secondary ball handler. Thomas is so lethal scoring the ball that you don’t want him expending too much energy bringing the ball up the court, but regardless if one of those guys step up, expect this Oak Hill team to become even better.

3. If the wing trio of Darrius Maddox, Darrick Jones Jr, and Jamari Sibley can be productive… look out.

This Oak Hill roster isn’t quite as top heavy due to the exceptional depth of capable guys they have on their roster. The wing trio of Maddox, Jones, and Sibley all bring unique elements to the game with their size, athletic capabilities, and skillsets. Maddox has a refined offensive skillset but is at his best when he’s ensuring that his presence is felt throughout the course of the game. Sibley is a unique inside/outside force that has the length and athleticism to make an impact at both ends of the floor. Jones is one of the best athletes on the east coast and should use his special gifts to make momentum swinging plays at both ends of the floor.