It was a great weekend for the Forsyth Country Day School program, as three players were able to sign and commit to future college programs.  Head Coach Doug Esleeck has been creating a special place over at FCDS, and this year’s team has plenty of talent. That certainly can be seen with 2024 Bobby Cannon, 2024 Iverson King, and 2024 Draven Pilson all signing to play at the next level.

Bobby Cannon – New Orleans
Iverson King – Presbyterian
Draven Pilson – Emory & Henry

We spoke with Coach Esleeck more about his excitement for these three seniors, what have they been able to provide to the program, and the excitement about seeing them play at the next level.

Phenom: What is your excitement about having these three be able to play at the next level?

When we got to FCDS in 2020, our challenge was to create a basketball program that could provide the kinds of opportunities for our student-athletes that FCDS already provides academically for all of our students.  FCDS seniors received over $5 million in academic merit awards last year, so there’s no question that we can help our students achieve at the highest level in the classroom.  The early signing period this November shows that we have been able to build a basketball program that can support our student-athletes who want to achieve at the highest level on the court as well.  I am so proud of the hard work that so many people have put into our program to be able to help these 3 kids and their families achieve their dreams.

Phenom: King and Pilson have been staples with you. What does it mean to you and the program to have them to be able to play at the next level and how have you seen them grow? What will they be able to provide at each school?

Draven has been with us since Day 1, and no one has worked harder on the court and in the classroom to reach his goals.  He has grown into an amazing young man who is a role model to our younger players in every way.  Draven’s size, skill, and athleticism all wrapped in a high character package will make an immediate impact at Emory and Henry.  His versatility on both ends of the floor will ensure that Coach Thompson will be able to use him in a variety of ways to help their team, and I know Draven will do anything the team needs him to do.

This is Iverson’s third year at FCDS, and he has thrived as we have pushed him in the classroom and on the court.  Iverson is prepared in every way for college, and I’m excited to watch him compete for Coach Ferrell next year.  Iverson’s understanding of the game has grown in remarkable ways, and his best days are still ahead of him.  I have no doubt that his trajectory will be absolutely through the roof when he gets into a college environment.  I’m most excited for Iverson because he selected a program whose style of play perfectly fits his game, and I think he will be able to adjust very quickly at PC.

Phenom: Cannon has been a great addition, and what do you think he will be able to provide to New Orleans and your team this year?

Bobby is obviously gifted in a variety of ways; he’s long, athletic, and he can really shoot it.  The biggest thing Bobby has brought to our program is a vocal competitiveness that you don’t see in many players.  He wears his emotions on his sleeve, and he wants to win as badly as anyone; that’s been really important for our team this year.  The way Coach Slessinger wants to use Bobby next year will fit all of his natural abilities, and I’m excited that Bobby chose a place that really wants him.  From the first time Coach saw Bobby play, he’s been sold on Bobby, and that’s just so important in the recruiting process.

All three of these guys represent FCDS in positive ways every single day, and I’m so excited for them to continue to represent us at the next level!