6'3 Ian Bailey (Asheville Christian)

After enjoying a fairly productive freshman campaign, Bailey looks ready to shine as a leader and focal point for the Lions. He's coming off an incredibly impressive summer season, where he dominated for Team Vision and regularly showcased the full arsenal. Bailey can comfortably control the offense, create for himself and others, and apply scoring pressure from all levels. He's a steady ball-handler, reliable passer, and quality all-around athlete. Bailey is capable of producing in various different roles and is adaptable to whatever the team needs. His all-around game should allow him to be as productive as anyone in the state.

6'3 Jack Siegel (Providence)

Given the departure of two key pieces, folks should expect Siegel to lead the charge for Providence. He's still probably somewhat underrated to the masses, seeing as how he's an incredibly smart, skilled, polished wing with an impressive skillset. Siegel handles the ball with poise, makes quality passes, and applies efficient (yet consistent) scoring pressure from all levels. He displays great feel as a creator, both for himself and others, and is able to reliably get to his spots whenever he desires. Siegel is a solid athlete with nice length and great anticipation for forcing turnovers. All signs point to him having a memorable sophomore season.

6'2 Nick Keith (Grimsley)

Similar to the entry above, Keith should be expected to make a noticeable leap after watching Grimsley lose multiple key pieces. He's a tough, polished guard prospect with the ability to fill it up as an all-around offensive weapon. Keith can reliably generate his own shot, create for others, and find opportunities without the ball in his hands. He's great at getting downhill and finishing or hitting pull-up jumpers in the midrange. Keith also applies pressure from beyond the arc and is capable of initiating the offense when needed. He's a nice athlete, useful defender, and displays quality feel on both ends of the floor. Expect him to take over as a major leader going forward.