As we’ve stated before, rankings are subjective and meant to constantly change. Players are either improving, plateauing, or getting worse, simply put. That being said, two specific, currently unranked prospects are about to cause hysteria after vaulting themselves into the upper echelon for North Carolina’s Class of 2020. Both of these players absolutely belong in the top ten, but could legitimately climb into the top-five sooner than later.


The first player is Kaleb Scott, a strong, athletic combo-forward with an incredibly unique skillset on both sides of the ball. At 6-foot-6, Scott typically operates from the high-post area and looks to highlight his ability to score within two to three dribbles. He’s tough for opponents to stop, given his intelligence and well-rounded athleticism. Scott can score from anywhere inside the arc and is able to swap roles with Kadin Shedrick in an instant. It’s difficult to label him anything other than a walking mismatch, especially when accounting for his ridiculous two-way versatility. He’s already a monster on the glass and does a phenomenal job of outworking opponents in transition. There aren’t many holes within his game, but the addition of a three-point shot would put him into an entirely new category as a prospect. Keep an eye on the Holly Springs/Garner Road star, as the next calendar year could open up an abundance of new opportunities for him.


On the other hand, we have Francesco Borra, a big man from Tri-City Christian that looks ready to take the next step in becoming a big-time prospect. He’s strong, yet skilled, and is already able to cause matchup problems with his blend of the old-school and modern-day approaches. Borra is traditional in the sense that he can operate exclusively from the low-post and possesses a crafty array of counters and scoring moves. However, his ability to handle the ball, play above the rim, and score from all three levels at 6-foot-11 is what makes him a special type of recruit. Borra has a clear-cut identity on both ends of the floor and moves well in space, able to reliably protect the rim or step out and contain smaller opponents along the perimeter. Many folks don’t even have Borra on their radar yet, but that’ll definitely change, as he’s a clear Division I talent. He’s just scratching the surface of his abilities, but Mercer liked what they saw and became Borra’s first offer earlier this week. This is only the beginning of his development, so it’ll be exciting to see what circuit and travel program he joins for the upcoming spring/summer season.