From the first shot he took at Phenom's Hoop State Challenge you could tell that Ervin Bennett could flat score the ball. He continued forward to prove us right as he averaged 22 points per game on the day and displayed a complete arsenal of moves, handle, and shots.

Bennett plays at Anson County High School, a small 3A high school in a town of only 5,000 people. He lives in rural southern North Carolina in Wadesboro (which lies halfway between Charlotte and Laurinburg). Despite leading his team in scoring this past year Bennett still remains under the radar, amazingly with no college interest'yet.

Part of the lack of college interest is due to the area in which he plays isn't a traditional hotbed of talent, but also his high school team finished only 9-15 this year. In fact, he was the only player on his team who averaged in double figures. He also averaged 5 boards, 2.5 assists, and 2 steals per game.

Unfortunately for Bennett, it has been tough year with the injury bug. First it was a tweak in his knee, then it was his ankle. Just when his knee got better, he was injured 11 games into the year and was forced to sit for the remainder of the school year.

Now, he's back. Bennett's game looks primed to take off in front of college coaches. He is comfortably playing both guard positions for his team. He has a nice handle and will get his team into sets. But make no mistake about it, Bennett has a pure looking stroke with a great release. He was consistently able to make shots from beyond the arc, but was also able to create for himself in the mid-range.

Bennett has a long arms and a basketball player's frame. During Phenom's Hoop State Challenge he went for 19 points, 19 points, and 29 points in his 3 games. He is very crafty inside the arc and made 11 3s on the day.

Division 1 College Coaches need to sit and watch him play in April. He is a smooth scoring guard, the type that has had great success in college in recent years. Make sure to see him at'Spring Hoops Fest LIVE'April 16-17.