Head Roth and Cannon are coming off a state championship run and times look to be good.  Though they will be losing a tremendous talent in Jarvis Moss who will be heading to Stanford, we think it is officially time for many to start jumping on the 2024 Austin Swartz train before it is too late.

Swartz is a 6’3 prospect that is going to quickly become a popular and well-known name throughout the state of North Carolina with his play.  Though still young and part of the 2024 class, it is pretty evident that he is a D1-type player and college coaches will quickly be coming back to Cannon once again.  At the Phenom Summer Showcase though, he gave us all a glimpse into his feel for the game. 

At his size already, Swartz does a tremendous job in being one of the primary leaders and generals on the court but also combining that with his smooth scoring ability.  Offensively, he displayed great touch and confidence on his outside jumper, knocking down multiple shots with range (whether from three or mid-range) or understanding how to create and find open spots on the floor.  But don’t just call him a high-level shooter because he uses that size to his advantage in getting to the rack and finishing; really showing a nice balance from all levels.  Outside of his scoring, his vision and feel for getting his teammates involved was big-time, delivering several phenomenal and on-time passes for easy baskets for his teammates; but they were never forced. Add all that on top of his ability to create for himself, his ability to help on the boards, dictate the offense/ tempo, there is just so much to like with his game.

Overall, Swartz’s feel with the basketball at his age is exceptional; it looks like the game comes easy to him, he makes plays that look effortless, and simply makes his team better with his balance of play and controlling the game as one of the lead guards.  Blend that in with his size, intelligence, and continuing development, it seems to be the time that many should get to know more about this rising young man in Charlotte, and college coaches will too as well.