Phenom Hoops continues to bring you some of the best events in high school basketball around North Carolina, and this weekend will be no different at Ben L. Smith High School in Greensboro for the Phenom Tourney Town Showcase, sponsored by Healthy Blue NC.

The talent that will be on display at the event will be off the charts, as you will be hearing these names playing at the next level. Check out just a FEW names that will be on display in Greensboro this weekend.


Friday, December 9, 2022 

5:00PM – Burlington School vs. Northwood Temple
6:30PM – Atkins vs. Ben L. Smith
8:00PM – Northwood vs. Cannon
9:30PM – High Point Christian vs. Raleigh Christian

Saturday, December 10, 2022 

10:30AM – Ben L. Smith vs. HP Andrews (Girls)
12:00PM – Mount Tabor vs. Ragsdale
1:30PM – East Forsyth vs. High Point Christian
3:00PM – Ben L. Smith vs. HP Andrews
4:30PM – Calvary Day vs. The Burlington School
6:00PM – Page vs. Wesleyan Christian
7:30PM – Carmel Christian vs. Northwood
9:00PM – Grimsley vs. Southern Guilford

Players To Watch:

2024 Zion Walker (The Burlington School)
2025 Cam Flippen (The Burlington School)
2023 Steven Lassiter (The Burlington School)
2024 Kaden Hammond (The Burlington School)
2024 Harold Lee (Northwood Temple)
2023 Cannon Keziah (Northwood Temple)
2024 Austin Swartz (Cannon)
2024 Sean Birmingham (Cannon)
2025 Isaiah Henry (Cannon)
2023 Jaeden Allen (Atkins)
2024 Gage Lattimore (Ben L. Smith)
2023 Markquan Gilbert (Ben L. Smith)
2024 Drake Powell (Northwood)
2023 Max Frazier (Northwood)
2023 Kenan Parrish (Northwood)
2024 Fred Whitaker Jr. (Northwood)
2023 Darius Kane (HP Christian)
2026 Toot Clay (HP Christian)
2023 Taft Johnson (HP Christian)
2023 Jakel Powell (Raleigh Christian Academy)
2023 Nic Anthony (Raleigh Christian Academy)
2025 Preston Copeland (Raleigh Christian Academy)
2023 David Peral (Mount Tabor)
2023 Jamarien Peterkin (Mount Tabor)
2025 Shamarius Peterkin (Mount Tabor)
2023 Kobe Parker (Ragsdale)
2023 Will Gray (East Forsyth)
2023 Keshawn Gunthrop (TW Andrews)
2024 Corey Pate (TW Andrews)
2023 Jayden Spillman (Calvary Day)
2023 Isaiah Ramazani (Calvary Day)
2025 Jerron Blackwell (Page)
2026 Kadyn Turner-Scott (Page)
2024 Jasean Williams (Wesleyan)
2024 Jaeden Mustaf (Carmel Christian)
2023 Bryce Cash (Carmel Christian)
2023 Boston Smith (Carmel Christian)
2023 Kaleb Siler (Carmel Christian)
2024 Michael Marcus Jr. (Carmel Christian)
2025 Zacch Wiggins (Grimsley)
2024 Jaylon Bumpass (Grimsley)
2026 Nick Keith (Grimsley)
2024 Jamias Ferere (Southern Guilford)
2024 Jucqarie Love (Southern Guilford)