Kadin Shedrick Vs. Isaiah Todd

This is the main attraction, the headliner of the loaded event. Isaiah Todd is North Carolina’s best junior big man while Kadin Shedrick is North Carolina’s best senior big man. The 6’10” Todd is a Top 15 prospect in the country and a Team USA guy while Shedrick is a consensus Top 75 guy, and committed to Top 5 Virginia.

The two players games are very different, as Todd is more of a perimeter oriented player while Shedrick does a lot of his damage closer to the basket. However, both players will (and can) operate all over the floor. This one should be fun as they both should have this matchup circled as it will be very telling for each, going against another elite level player, their own size. Everyone knows Isaiah Todd, this could however mark as a platform for everyone to start talking about Shedrick among the best.

Introducing Elijah Jamison and Terence Harcum

While these are both players whose numbers should speak for themselves, this pair of sophomores are still flying well below the radar. The 6’2″ 2021 Elijah Jamison plays at Louisburg High School and is 4th in the state of North Carolina, 21st nationally per MaxPreps, averaging 31 points per game. He is a strong, big bodied guard, who can handle shoot and pass the ball with strength, quickness and explosion. Jamison already carries and Ole Miss offer.

The 6’2″ 2021 Terence Harcum plays at Granville Central High School is averaging 24.3 points per game. Through 40 total varsity games played (last year and this) he has already scored 931 career points, while shooting 52% from the field and 40% from three. His scoring prowess is well documented, but he is also averaging 4 boards, 4.8 assists and 4 steals per game, through his 40 career varsity games.

Yes, each of these guys are putting up uncanny numbers, They are pop and play an incredibly exciting style of basketball. They will be household names soon enough, and with good showings at the City of Oaks Classic, that may start now.

Southern Durham is Ridiculously Fun to Watch

Led by former NBA draft pick David Noel, a Durham native, this team is tough and athletic. They defend in a tough manner, get up and down the floor ridiculously fast and they have athletes who play HIGH above the rim. They are led by 6’4″ unsigned senior Jayvis Harvey (a former Radford commit) who is averaging 15 points on 40% from 3. Their highest ranked prospect is 6’4″ junior Ricky Council IV, who is among the Top 10 in his class. Also look for high flying Lamar Lightbrown and MJ Wilkerson. This team is sure to make you get out of your seat, numerous times.

Athens Drive Vs. Ravenscroft

One of the Raleigh area’s favorite players, DJ Robertson, faces off against one of the Raleigh areas most accomplished programs. We love the public vs. private matchups as these teams are not common opponents, but they have great storylines and usually they have a want to win the specific game. This game features two committed prospects as, the aforementioned, Robertson is committed to Northern Kentucky of the Horizon League and 6’8″ senior Jake van der Heijden is committed to Bucknell of the Patriot League, both teams were NCAA tournament teams last season.

Chase Graham is on the verge of a breakout for Athens Drive right now and AJ Thompson and Lawrence Frost are both also players of note. Looking at Ravenscroft, they’re BIG. 6’6″ junior Brady O’Connell is another player of note for Ravenscroft, as is 6’7″ sophomore Eric van der Heijden (Jake’s brother) and 6’3″ junior Luc Richard Rameau. Lots of scholarship players on the floor here.

MJ Rice is Next Up in the Hoop State

Rice was invited to Colorado Springs for the Team USA combine and winter camp. This signifies he has been identified as the elite of the elite in the country. Rice is a Top 25 prospect in the country and checks in at number 1 in North Carolina’s loaded 2022 class.

Rice, a starter for NCISAA Top 3 ranked Durham Academy stands at 6’5″ and weighs in at 200 pounds. He has great length and is very explosive as a player. Rice is leading the team averaging 16.4 points per game, shooting 59% from the field. He is also averaging 7.7 rebounds, 1.1 steal and 1.3 blocks per game (he leads the team in points, boards and blocks). Great numbers on a very good team, for only a freshman…an elite freshman!