Many of you may have read the story behind the 'Stay Positive' Movement. For those who have not, please take the time to read the below link about our friend Eric Day. You see, Eric Day is a two time brain cancer survivor and a close personal friend of my son Tyler Lewis, who played at Butler University, not to mention a very special person to me as well.

The adversity and uncertainty Eric Day faced and his 'Stay Positive' attitude 'made a lasting impression on me personally. He has one of the most thankful attitudes and outlook of life of any one person I have ever met. He enjoys life each and every day and is his own personal story is a true inspiration. Back in 2012, Eric Day made blue wristbands that on one side, read 'Stay Positive' and the other '3G,' standing for Give God Glory. He made 50 wristbands. From there, 'Stay Positive' continued to grow through social media. Outreach via social media and other forms of communication have been key to support the 'Stay Positive' mission. Professional athletes, student athletes and coaches at all levels, corporations and more have shown their support for Stay Positive and continue to spread its message. As Eric Day stated,''The Stay Positive message is not just one for cancer patients; it's for everyone. Each person faces their own challenges. Whether it's illness of yourself or a loved one, divorce, loss of a friend, or simply a bad day, challenges of all sizes will happen in life. However, you have the opportunity to make the decision that your circumstances will not control you. The one thing you do have control over is your attitude. It's never too late to achieve your goals and conquer your challenges. If you give up, you're not just limiting yourself, but it can have an impact on others around you and those who are cheering you on. Stay Positive is a universal message to which we can all relate.'

To learn more about Stay Positive and what they are doing, follow them on Twitter at @PositiveBands. You may also visit the organization's website,', for more information.

Last year, Phenom Hoop Report participated in the first Stay Positive Event and again this year. We've added the '3G' Give God Glory tourney to our list of events. We at Phenom Hoop Report are a proud sponsor of the 'Stay Positive' movement and profits off this event will once again be donated to this wonderful organization. And don't forget, the only disability in life is a negative attitude.

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