It has been a standard practice of the Phenom Hoop Report not to rank players in the freshman class (NC 2020 Class) until they have completed a full season of high school basketball at the varsity or junior varsity level. In the next several weeks, we will take a closer look at players we have seen repeatedly in camp setting or in travel ball situations. In this issue of the NC 2020 Class 'The Stars of Tomorrow, ' we are going to talk about 5'11 Callin Randolph of Mountain Heritage High School in Burnsville, North Carolina.

We've been tracking this young player since 2013 and he's just a rising freshman in the 2020. He's been on the Phenom Hoop Report radar and now has a long history of evaluations that have been consistent time after time. Back in 2013, Callin back to the NC Junior Phenom Camp as a 5'3 youngster. While you can't predict too much at that particular time in a player's development, a few things stood out. This is what we had to say at the time. '

Callin is a worker and has'a nice on court demeanor that is impressive for his age and grade. He is a very'coachable player and listens extremely well and his fundamentals are advanced for'grader. We were impressed with his shooting mechanics and ability to knock'down perimeter shots, but more importantly he was effective in creating his own'shot off the dribble. Callin plays equally hard on both ends of the court and will'always give you 100% effort 100% of the time.'

A few years later, Callin attended the Phenom Skills camp in 2015. While he was one of the youngest players in attendance, you wouldn't have known it by his play. He displayed poise and maturity. Callin showcased his tremendous skill set and high basketball IQ. We have watched Callin in numerous setting including travel ball and no matter the venue, he has always been one of the better players in his age group.

Last year at the 2015 NC Junior Phenom Camp, we wrote the following.''Randolph is simply a baller! He makes plays for himself and for others. He has excellent court vision and an advanced basketball IQ for his age/grade, which will allow him to be successful. Randolph does a really good job of changing speeds and is deceptively quick. He repeatedly got where he wanted and continuously made the correct read and right play. Defensively, he is tough and active which allows him to control his man. The next step in his growth is to work on a consistent perimeter jump shot.'

Now, Callin is a freshman at Mountain Heritage HS in Burnsville, North Carolina. Some will question his size and his athleticism as he continues to develop. That being said, we have always been impressed with his relentless work ethic and tireless energy he has displayed every time he steps onto the court. Simply put, Callin is a producer, but most of all is a winner! He's the type of player you want on your team.